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As an active participant in our growing German program, you will develop the linguistic and cultural skills necessary to compete in today’s global job market. In challenging courses designed to promote cultural understanding and critical thinking, you will develop your German reading, speaking, and writing skills while getting to know the diverse cultures that speak German today. 

In addition to the foundational language courses, we offer seminar-style classes on a variety of topics, ranging from film to children’s literature to sports, each emphasizing different aspects of culture and history.
By choosing UMSL, you will benefit from faculty who are dedicated to creating a challenging and supportive learning environment.  You will engage with German language and culture in the classroom, out of the classroom through events like Kaffeestunde at the German Culture Center, as well as activities organized by the German Student Organization. You will feel inspired to participate in a variety of study abroad opportunities in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, some of which are supported with stipends.  Come join a vibrant community of learners who share a passion for language study!

German can connect you to your past, your present, and your future. More than 46 million Americans are of German descent, and many German-American families live in St. Louis. Today, over 20 German companies including, Siemens, Bosch, and Thyssen- Krupp, have branches right here in St. Louis, more than 750 American companies do business in Germany, and the country’s economy is the third largest in the world. Its strong ties to the US and its rapidly growing population have made Germany a strong leader in the European Union and in the world. In short, Germany is a powerhouse in academics and the global economy. Knowing its language and culture will give you the tools to succeed in any career you choose. For students wishing to continue their studies, knowing German can open the door to the German system of higher education, which offers international degrees and is (for all practical purposes) tuition-free.

Required Course Course Title Credit Hours Prerequisites
FL 2100 Languages and World View 3  
German 2101 Intermediate Language and Culture: German III 3 German 1002
German 2170 Intermediate Practice in Speaking and Writing German 3 German 2101
German 2180 Intermediate Readings in German 3 German 2101
German 3201 Introduction to German Literature 3 2 years of college-level German.
German 3202 Introduction to German Film 3
German 3208 The German-Speaking Countries in the Modern World 3
German 3210 German Culture and Civilization 3
German 3xxx [One additional course at the 3000 level] 3 Check course listing for details.
German 4xxx [Three courses at the 4000 level] 3
German 4xxx    3
German 4xxx    3
  • A major in Modern Languages with a concentration in German requires 33-45 hours in the subject, excluding German 1001 and 1002. In addition to the specific course numbers listed, one course at the 3000 level and three courses at the 4000 level are required; 3211, 4311, and 4399 may be repeated for credit if the topic is different.
  • Majors must meet with the German Advisor at least once every semester in order to have their advising hold lifted and be eligible to register for the following semester.
  • Native speakers may earn a major by completing at least three courses at the 3000 level and three courses at the 4000 level.
  • Each course must be completed with a grade of C- or better in order to count towards the major.
  • A state-mandated exit exam is administered to all graduating seniors.
Language Required Course Course Title Credit Hours Prerequisites
 German  2170  Intermediate German Speaking and Writing [offered every fall semester]  3  2101
German 2180 Intermediate German Readings [offered every spring semester]  3  2101
 German  3xxx     3  Check course listing for details.
 German  3xxx     3
  • A minor in German requires 12 credit hours after completing German 2101, six of which must be at the 3000 level.
  • All courses must be completed with a grade of C- or better.
  • Transfer students must complete at least two courses in residence at UMSL.
  • Upon completion of minor requirements, submit completed application to department advisor.
  • Students must also process the Declaration of Major/Minor form through the A&S Dean’s Office.
  • The minor is officially recorded on the student’s transcript at the time of graduation.