Why the University of Missouri - St. Louis?

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  4. See the world – in your classroom and while working or studying abroad. 

What can I do with a Major/Minor in Foreign Languages?

The foreign language specialist engages in translating, interpreting or teaching in one or more foreign languages.  Specialized work in foreign languages requires knowledge of the literature, culture and historical development of the country or countries in which the language is used.  Most professional translators and interpreters must meet high proficiency standards in the language they use and also have specialized knowledge of the material to be translated.  Most teaching positions from elementary school through high school require state teaching certificates.  Most teaching positions on the college and university levels require a Masters degree or above in the particular language being taught.  Many occupations not only require language fluency but also a primary skill specialization.  Such jobs exist in government, the United Nations, the Peace Corps and many other private and public organizations. Take a look at our list of job types and employers.