Languages and Cultures



Faculty Members
The Department is proud of the quality of its faculty members, language instruction, and the performance of its graduates. To achieve and maintain this quality, the Department has faculty whose members have either native or near-native proficiency and have advanced degrees in the languages they teach.

Susan Brownell, Ph.D.
Chair, Anthropology, Sociology and Languages
Extension: 516-6451
Office: 517 Clark Hall

Birgit Noll, Ph.D.
Director, Language Programs
Teaching Professor
Extension: 516-6546
Office: 558 Clark Hall

Al-Albani, Laura
Adjunct Instructor, Arabic
Extension: 516-6861
Office: 529 Clark

Baldini, Deborah, Ph.D.
Teaching Professor, Spanish
Extension: 516-5911
Office: 552 Clark Hall

Balogh, Maria Teresa
Associate Teaching Professor, Spanish
Extension: 516-6440
Office: 534 Clark Hall

Blank, Anne-Sophie
Associate Teaching Professor, French
Extension: 516-6441
Office: 533 Clark Hall

Caeiro, Martha
Teaching Professor, Spanish
Extension: 516-6244
Office: 545 Clark Hall

Cays, Donna
Associate Teaching Professor, Spanish
Extension: 516-6232
Office: 561 Clark Hall

Eckelkamp, Beth
Associate Teaching Professor, Japanese
Extension: 516-5725
Office: 312 Lucas


Elizabeth Fonseca, Ph.D.
Assistant Teaching Professor, Spanish
Extension:  516-6865
Office:  552 Clark

Suzanne Hendrickson, Ph.D. 
Associate Teaching Professor, French
Extension: 516-6866
Office: 556 Clark

Kouti, Maria
Lecturer, Modern Greek
Extension: 516-6715
Office: 574E Clark

Le, Fushun
Assistant Teaching Professor, Chinese
Extension: 516-5251
Office: 547 Clark Hall

Mariles, Rosalinda
Lecturer, Spanish
Extension: 516-6518 
Office: 559 Clark Hall

Mayer, Nancy
Associate Teaching Professor, ESL
Extension: 516-5182
Office: 546 Clark Hall

Michael, Amy
Lecturer, Japanese
Extension: 516-6517
Office: 550 Clark

Mussman, Denise
Associate Teaching Professor, ESL
Extension: 516-5186
Office: 560 Clark Hall

Phillips, Margaret, Ph.D.
Associate Teaching Professor, Latin
Extension: 516-6864
Office: 535 Clark Hall

Schmidt, Lauren, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Spanish Linguistics
Extension: 516-6089
Office: 536 Clark Hall

Trapani, Sandra
Teaching Professor, French
Extension: 516-6247
Office: 549 Clark Hall

Williams, Lorna
Professor, Spanish
Extension: 516-6859
Office: 531 Clark Hall

Yoder-Kreger, Susan 
Associate Teaching Professor, Spanish 
Extension: 516-6461 
Office: 548 Clark Hall

Zarucchi, Jeanne, Ph.D. 
Professor, French 
Office: 503 Lucas Hall 
Extension: 516-6575