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Note: These sites provide general information. If you have questions, be sure to speak with a writing consultant at the Writing Center.

Writing Guides and Handouts

Article Usage

Chicago Style

Essay Writing Tips

Getting Writing Started

Personal Statements

Personal Statements for Grad School

Punctuation Patterns

Revising Writing

Sentence Checklist

Thesis Statements

Transition Words

Using Quotations

Using Source Material

Writing Body Paragraphs

Grammar and Mechanics

The 20 Most Common Errors in Writing

Spelling: Common Words that Sound Alike

Improving Sentence Clarity

Using Articles (a/the/an)

Writing Sentences (video)

Phrases and Clauses (video)

Manipulating Sentence Parts (video)

How to Use Semicolons (video)

Passive and Active Voice (video)

Citation and Style Guides


MLA Style @ Purdue OWL


APA Style @ Purdue OWL

American Psychological Association (great searchable resource)


Chicago style @ Purdue OWL

Chicago Manual of Style (limited information)