5000 Introduction to Graduate Study in English (3)
A course especially designed to prepare students to perform effectively in graduate classes in English. The course is concerned with basic bibliographical tools; terminology, both technical and historical; various approaches to the study of literature, such as intrinsic analysis of a literary work, the relationships of biography to literary study, and the relevance of other disciplines (psychology or philosophy, for example) to literature; the writing of interpretive and research essays. Throughout the semester a balance between criticism and research is maintained.

5030 Literary Criticism (3)
An examination of selected theories of literature.

5040 Feminist Critical Theory (3)
A consideration of feminist critical theory as a means of reassessing literary texts and our cultural heritage. In providing an interdisciplinary context the course will examine studies in psychology, anthropology, history, and philosophy/theology which have influenced and enriched feminist approaches to literature.

5250 Studies in Middle English Literature (3)
Special topics in English literature before 1500.

5300 Renaissance Literature (3)
Special topics in English literature from 1500 to 1660.

5400 Eighteenth-Century Literature (3)
Studies in Augustan poetry and prose, including drama and fiction, with emphasis on background and major figures.

5910 Studies in Poetry (3)
Study of a few selected British and American poets.

5920 Studies in Fiction (3)
Study of a few selected British and American novelists and short story writers.

5930 Studies in Drama (3)
Study of a few selected British and American dramatists.

5500 Nineteenth-Century Literature (3)
Special topics in English romanticism, in Victorian life and thought, and in the development of the novel and of poetry between 1797 and 1914.

5600 American Literature Before 1900 (3)
Selected American writers or topics from the Colonial period to 1900.

5700 Twentieth-Century American Literature (3)
Selected American writers or topics from 1900 to the present.

5750 Twentieth-Century British Literature (3)
Selected British and Commonwealth writers of the twentieth century.

5840 Theories of Writing (3) (Required)
An analysis of modern composition theory.

5860 Writing/Reading Theory (3)
The parallel evolution of reading and writing theory and pedagogy. Topics include the influence of psycholinguistics and reader-response theory and the link between reading and writing theory and instruction.

5870 Composition Research (3)
Students analyze and conduct research in composition. Course work teaches students to evaluate methodologies and implications, and to analyze data and to design research.

5890 Teaching College Writing (3)
Provides the opportunity for practical application of composition theory with emphasis on improving teaching skills. Strongly recommended for Teaching Assistants.

5880 Gateway Writing Project Invitational Institute (6)
(Same as Tch Ed 6880) An intensive course in the writing process and the writing curriculum, designed for experience teachers. Readings of current theory and research will be related to participants' experience as writers and as teachers. Topics may vary. May be repeated for credit. No more than six hours may be applied toward the M.Ed.

5850 Studies in Composition (3)
The study of special topics in composition. Topics may include History of Composition, Psychology of Writing, Reader Response Theory, etc.

5940 Seminar in Gender and Literature (3)
Gender studies in literature of different periods, types, and genres; satisfies area requirement appropriate to its period, national literature, and genre. Same as WGS 5940.

5950 Seminar in Special Topics (1-3)
Special topics which are not covered in other graduate-level English courses.

5970 Independent Readings (1-3)
Directed study in areas of English for which courses are not available.

6000 Master's Thesis (6)
Research and Writing on a selected topic in literary criticism, theory, or composition.