Joseph Carroll


Curators' Professor of English
456 Lucas Hall
(314) 516-5543

Ph.D., Comparative Literature, U of California, Berkeley
M.A., Comparative Literature, U of California, Berkeley
B.A., English, U of California, Berkeley

Joseph Carroll, recipient of both the Chancellor's and President's Award for Research and Creativity, teaches Nineteenth-Century British Literature, Literary Theory, Short Stories, and interdisciplinary seminars in the Honors College. He is the author of The Cultural Theory of Matthew Arnold; Wallace Stevens' Supreme Fiction; Evolution and Literary Theory; Literary Darwinism; Reading Human Nature; and Graphing Jane Austen (co-authored). He has produced an edition of Darwin's On the Origin of Species and is co-editor of Evolution, Literature, and Film: A Reader. For access to his articles, filmed interviews, and filmed lectures, see his home page:

http://www.umsl.edu/%7ecarrolljc/ or his page on Academia.edu: http://umsl.academia.edu/JosephCarroll

Selected Publications

"Aestheticism, Homoeroticism, and Christian Guilt in The Picture of Dorian Gray: A Darwinian Critique," Philosophy and Literature 29 (2005): 286-304.

"Evolutionary Approaches to Literature and Drama," in The Oxford Handbook of Evolutionary Psychology, ed. Robin Dunbar and Louise Barrett (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007): 637-48.

"An Evolutionary Paradigm for Literary Study," (target article to which scholars and scientists were invited to respond), Style 42 (2008): 103-35.

"Rejoinder" (reply to 35 scholars writing commentaries on the target article identified in the previous item), Style 42 (2008): 309-412.

"The Cuckoo's History: Human Nature in Wuthering Heights," Philosophy and Literature 32 (2008): 241-57.

"Hierarchy in the Library: Egalitarian Dynamics in Victorian Novels," by John Johnson, Joseph Carroll, Jonathan Gottschall, and Daniel Kruger, Evolutionary Psychology 6 (2008): 715-38.

"Human Nature in Nineteenth-Century British Novels: Doing the Math," by Joseph Carroll, Jon Gottschall, John Johnson, and Daniel Kruger, Philosophy and Literature, 33 (2009): 50-72.

"What Is Literary Darwinism," interview with David DiSalvo, Neuronarrative, http://neuronarrative.wordpress.com/, posted February 27, 2009.

"The Art Instinct in Its Historical Moment: A Meta-Review," in The Evolutionary Review: Art, Science, Culture 1 (2010): 48-54.