Lauren Richards (URDC 2009)

Porterfield, Sherraden, McClure, Saunders

Dr. Shirley Porterfield, Dr. Margaret Sherraden, Sarah McClure, and Sherry Saunders (URDC 2009)


Alexis Dedo (URDC 2009)

Pierce with Forsee

UM President Gary Forsee and Daniel Pierce (URDC 2009)

Colonna McClure with plaque

Representative Mike Colona and Sarah McClure (URDC 2009)

URDC 2009:
Back row: Sarah McClure, Daniel Pierce, Lauren Richards, Jonathan Webb,
Dr. Kathryn Walterscheid
Front row: Jess Rosner, Sherry Saunders, Alexis Dedo, James Burch, Kirk Barnett

URDC 2008: Terrence Walker and Senator Rita Days (14th)


URDC 2008: Representative Rachel Storch (64th) and Amanda Smith

URDC 2008: UM President Gary Forsee and Kimberly Wilbanks

URDC 2008: Fallon Finney and Deborah Lammert

URDC 2008: Matt Hull with Representative Neal St. Onge (88th)

URDC Students 2008:
Top Row: Kimberly Wilbanks
Middle Row: Matt Hull, Patrick Bergin, Amanda Tawfall, Angela Toole, Terrence Walker
Bottom Row: Amanda Smith, Jamie Kuechler, Deborah Lammert, Fallon Finney

URDC 2007:
Front row: Donna Seckfort, Joy Valenta, Benjamin Voss
Middle row: Dr. Kathryn Walterscheid, Chris Guilford
Back row: Semilla Bland, Rob Dixon, Angela Woike, Elizabeth Rudloff-Wolk

URDC 2007: Chris Guilford with poster and device to measure prognathic
angle in fossil hominid casts

URDC 2007: Rob Dixon and Dr. David Kimball

URDC 2006: Top row: Tatum Ponder, Nicole Lubanowski, Ann Chisholm; Middle Row: Colleen Buckley, JaVonda Palmer, Christopher Guilford; Bottom row: Sarah Rutherford, Dale Downs, Lana Kerker

URDC 2006: Nicole Lubanowski

URDC 2006: JaVonda Palmer, Ann Chisholm, and Rep. John Bowman

URDC 2006: Colleen Buckley and Sarah Rutherford

URDC 2006: Christopher Guilford and Rep. Therese Sander