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Angela Toole

Poster award winner Angela Toole with her mentor Dr. Donna Hart (URS 2009) __________________________________________________________________

Jess Rosner

Poster award winner Jess Rosner (URS 2009)


Keara Wright and Bruce Wilking

Poster award winner Keara Wright with Dr. Bruce Wilking (URS 2009)


Kamika Krystle

Kamika Griffin and Krystle Carroll display the URS t-shirt (URS 2009)


Joseph Jodi

Joseph Boggiano, Jodi Heaps (URS Graduate Chair), and Brittany Steppens (URS 2009)


Noelle Drake

Noelle Drake (URS 2009)


Thanks to the many volunteers who helped before and during the URS.
Here are just a few of the URS Crew 2009:

URS volunteers
Melaney Walterscheid, Dr. Kathryn Walterscheid (Faculty Director), Katie Walterscheid, Matthew Bono (exhibit coordinator), Christine Bono, Phillip Lintzenich (Undergraduate Chair), and Jodi Heaps (Graduate Chair). __________________________________________________________________

Patrick Lueke

Patrick Luecke (URS 2009)


Holly Pope (URS 2008)


Some of the URS Crew 2008: Jess Rosner, Lindsay Ruhr, Matt Bono, Mary Ann Coker, Dr. Kathryn Walterscheid

Sigma Xi Poster Award Winners 2008: Kimberly Wilbanks (Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts), Adele Paquette (Physical Sciences), Anne Schulenberg (Natural Sciences)

Kirk Barnett (URS 2008)


Dr. Kathryn Walterscheid with Susana Pulido-Fernandez and Jeanne Pitts, creators of the Sigma Xi award-winning poster in the Life Sciences category (URS 2007)

Alexandria Pepin and Dr. Ta-Pei Cheng. Pepin created the Sigma Xi award-winning poster in the Social Sciences, Humanities, and the Arts category. (URS 2007)

Charles Sims, flanked by his mentors Dr. Alexei Demchenko and Dr. Cristina Parlato. Sims created the Sigma Xi award-winning poster in the Physical Sciences and Mathematics category. (URS 2007)

Dr. Teresa Thiel, Daniel Stoffey, and Amanda Smith (2007)

Angela Brooks (2007)

Registration table staff: Banika Carter, Caitelin Sappington,
Holly Pope, and Meghan O'Brien. (2007)

Kimberly Wilbanks (2007)

Randy Lahl, printer extraordinaire (2007)

Phillip Lintzenich (2007)

Melissa Pastorius (2007)

Some of the URS volunteers 2007: Mr. Petty, Mark Petty, Mary Ann Coker, Caitelin Sappington, Sonja Kuehler

Part of the URS committee 2006: Matt Bono, Meghan O'Brien, Eric Weldon, Mary Ann Coker, Dr. Donna Hart, Dr. Kathryn Walterscheid, Jodi Heaps

Dr. Donna Hart and Lana Kerker

URS Poster
Mitch Pillarick (URS 2006)

Vishal Dosanjh (URS 2006)

Dr. Kathryn Walterscheid and Kerri McKinney