What is the URDC?
  • Students display their research posters to legislators and visitors in the Capitol rotunda in Jefferson City
  • A limited number of students from each of the four UM campuses participate
  • The participating students will have opportunities to let legislators know how their research addresses the needs of society
  • The URDC demonstrates to legislators the unique opportunities undergraduate students from the University of Missouri have to participate in meaningful research with faculty

How is this different from the URS (Undergraduate Research Symposium)?

  • The URS takes place on the UM-St. Louis campus (not in Jefferson City)
  • There is no limit to the number of participants in the URS
  • There is no residency requirement for the URS
  • For the URS, the participation process is through applications from students (not nominations from teachers as with the URDC)
  • For the URS, the application process begins in the winter/spring semester (unlike the fall nomination process for URDC). Thus, the URS is open to students who conduct research in summer, fall, or spring semesters.
What are the criteria for selection for the URDC:
  • Missouri residency
  • Merit of the research project (note: research and analysis must be finished by 31 December)
  • Interest of the research project to state legislators
  • Ability to communicate well

What benefits do students receive?

  • Professional experience
    • Discussing posters with a broad audience in a formal setting
    • Get coaching on abstract writing, poster construction, and presentation skills
    • Practice collaborative problem solving
    • Having their poster printed professionally
  • Experience with government
    • Discussing their research with legislators and visitors at the Missouri State Capitol
    • Seeing the state government at work
    • Meeting elected officials
  • Meeting undergraduate students from the other campuses

Can you give me an overview of the entire process?

  • Fall semester
    • Nomination forms are sent to all faculty members
    • Faculty members nominate students
    • Students are selected according to criteria listed above
    • Meetings are scheduled for winter/spring semester (note that meetings are usually held on Friday mornings)
  • Winter/spring semester
    • Five meetings to workshop the abstracts and the posters; students are required to attend all the meetings.
    • The URDC

How can I get a chance to participate?

  • A faculty member may ask you if you wish to be nominated
  • If a faculty member does not ask you, you may ask the mentor/teacher who is supervising your research (or who supervised it in a past semester) if he or she would nominate you

What are the responsibilities of the student nominee?

  • To provide the mentor with information for the nomination form, including information about the students, the parents, and the district in which the student is an official resident (district information)
  • Provide mentor with an abstract of the research
  • Provide mentor with a very short personal statement
  • To commit to revising the abstract and creating and revising a poster within the schedule
  • To attend five meetings in Winter/Spring semester (meetings are usually held on Friday mornings) and the URDC event itself

What are the responsibilities of the faculty nominator?

  • To submit the form, accompanied by a letter of recommendation
  • To be available in winter/spring semester to consult with the student on fine-tuning the abstract and poster
  • To be available for 2-3 short meetings with the URDC students and mentors (the meetings are usually held on Friday mornings)

How are nomination forms submitted?

What are the important dates for the current URDC?

  • Nomination deadline: November 8, 2010
  • Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol: March 3, 2011

How do I get more information about the URDC?

Contact: Jess Rosner Associate Director of URDC
Phone: 314-516-4530