Title of Chair/Professorship Name of Chair/Professor Date
The Eiichi Shibusawa - Seigo Arai Professorship in Japanese Studies Dr. Laura Miller 2010
E. Desmond Lee Endowed Professor in Community Collaboration and Public Policy Dr. Todd Swanstrom 2008
E. Desomond Lee Endowed Professor in Plant Science in Connection with the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center Dr. Xuemin (Sam) Wang 2004
The Hellenic Government-The Karakas Family Foundation Professorship in Greek Studies Dr. Michael Cosmopoulos 2001
E. Desmond Lee Professor in Youth Crime and Violence Dr. Finn Esbensen 2001
Mercantile Library Professorship in Transportation Studies Dr. Carlos Schwantes 2001
Jefferson Smurfit Corporation Professorship in Irish Studies Dr. Eamonn Wall 2000
Fredrich A. Hayek Professorship in Economic History Dr. Lawrence White 2000
E. Desmond Lee and Family Fund Endowed Professorship In Zoological Studies Dr. Patricia Parker 1999
E. Desmond Lee and Family Fund Endowed Professorship in Botanical Studies Dr. Elizabeth Kellogg 1998
Des Lee Foundation Endowed Professorship in Museum and Community History Studies Dr. Jay Rounds 1997