Explore Interests

  1. Print out the list of UMSL majors and cross out all the ones you know don't interest you. Then look at the majors that are left.
  2. Examine the major sheets and the Bulletin for those majors and see which ones sound interesting.
  3. Look at the What Can I Do With This Major? site to see common careers linked these majors.
  4. As you are considering majors and need more clarification on your career goals, meet with a career professional in Career Services to learn more about career development strategies.
  5. Consider attending one of Career Services's workshops such as "Pursuing Degrees & Exploring Careers."

Find Out More

  1. Look up descriptions of these careers using the Occupational Outlook Handbook, O*NET, or Career One Stop.
  2. Take a look at the Majors & Degrees site and also the different Colleges & Schools sites for each major you're considering. There's lots of great information there!
  3. Get involved with a student organization to stay connected, network, and build leadership skills.

Get Experience

  1. Talk with a professor who works in your field of interest. Consult your academic advisor for help identifying one.
  2. Visit Career Services to learn about various internship opportunities that would support your career goals.

Follow Up

  1. Talk with your academic advisor about your career and major interests.

Take the Next Step

  1. If you are in Undergraduate Studies, work with your advisor to plan major-exploratory courses and get more exposure to potential majors and careers.
  2. If you are currently declared but would like to talk with an advisor about your major options, call our front desk at 314-516-5501 or stop by our office in Room 303 Lucas Hall and ask to speak with an available advisor.
  3. If you are currently declared but want to change to a new major, see instructions on how to declare your major.