To declare a major, students need to speak with an advisor in the college that offers their major to fill out a Change of Major form. If the student is changing colleges (i.e. from College of Business Administration to the College of Education) students will need to also fill out a Program/Plan Change form.

Some programs, like Nursing, Social Work, and Engineering, require additional pre-requisites and students should meet with an advisor from these programs before applying to them.

Advising Locations

College of Arts & Sciences (CAS)

  • 303 Lucas Hall

College of Business Administration (COBA)

  • 487 Social Sciences Building

College of Education (COE)

  • 115 Marillac Hall

College of Fine Arts & Communication (COFAC)

  • 303 Lucas Hall

College of Nursing (CON)

  • Nursing Administration Building

Pierre Laclede Honors College (PLHC)

  • 109 Provincial House

School of Social Work

  • 121 Bellerive Hall

UMSL/Washington University Joint Engineering Program

  • B228 Benton Hall