UMSL Pre-Health Programs Application

Why is There an Application for Pre-Health?

While the primary goal of UMSL Pre-Health Programs is to help students prepare for application and matriculation into a professional health school, it's overall goal is to ensure that our students are successful  when they leave UMSL. The application helps the pre-health advisor help students tailor a course plan that fits their strengths.

When Should I Apply?

Students should fill out the application once they've completed CHEM 1111 (CHEM 1081/1091) and either BIOL 1821 or 1831. Transfer students who have completed these courses elsewhere should apply once they've been accepted to UMSL.

What If I'm Not Accepted?

There are no thresholds to acceptance to UMSL's Pre-Health Programs; however, students with non-competitive GPAs will be required to create alternative plans, parallel with their pre-health studies.