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Recent Supply Chain Research

Forward Air Corporation
Project: Industry Partnership Grant
Forward Air is supporting basic and applied research into transportation pricing and modeling. The mutual goal is to research the latest in quantitative techniques and to teach others (students) how to apply these techniques.

St. Onge Company - York, PA
Project: The purpose of this study is to document, aggregate, and analyze data for the St. Onge Company from the 1977 Census of Transportation Flows. Center personnel prepared Excel spreadsheets summarizing commodity flows through the St. Louis, MO region and prepared presentation graphics. CTS also investigated the sources, availability, and cost of more detailed data regarding commodity and modal specific flows through the St. Louis region.

Lanter Company - Madison, IL
Project: Lanter Purchase Order Fulfillment
The purpose of this study was to understand the current purchase order fulfillment process. CTS students first mapped the steps taken to complete an order. The mapped business process enables Lanter to: (1) Identify non-value-added steps; (2) Define areas that cause order delay and (3) Establish key performance indicators that employees should use for continuous improvement.

Emerson Motor Company
Project: The goal of this study was to perform a detailed analysis of Emerson Motor’s freight bill payment process, focusing on the freight bill rejections. The study was based on the logistics management continuous improvement model, and included (1) a comprehensive flowchart of the freight bill rejection process; (2) data analysis and Pareto charts; (3) a cost analysis; (4) and some recommendations to reduce the amount of non-value added activities created during the process.


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