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Career Services provides walk-in assistance and individual appointments to currently enrolled UMSL students, and alumni up to two years after graduation.  See the Alumni Page for information regarding those who have not graduated within the last two years.

Call 314-516-5111 to schedule an appointment now!

Quick Questions held Monday-Thursday, 11am-1pm

How to Get the Most from Your Appointment:

You are welcome to visit Career Services as often as you’d like.  So, please know that we don’t have to cover everything in one appointment.

•Consider your initial goal(s) for the meeting and write down questions and expectations.

•Bring your resume-even if it’s from 10 years ago or something created in high school.  We’ll help you make it better.

•Be sure to bring something for taking notes!  We’ll cover much information that you’ll want to review later.

•Please come again!  We have many resources to offer you.


What to expect:

•Sessions are about you and what is important for you.  The Career Team is available to help you with areas ranging from career exploration and decision making to action planning for internships, job searching, and graduate school.

•Progress is made through active participation on your part.  Come to Career Services ready to work and with your thoughts and ideas on your career goals!

•You are the expert on YOU.  The Career Team is the expert on the career planning process.  Our office is built around a number of resources to help you shape your career while at UMSL.  Our job is to help you plan effectively and to find the information necessary to make informed decisions about your career.

•Our Career Team is trained to provide you with new tactics, strategies, and ideas to help you build your career. Understand that we are not experts in every line of work, but we can help brainstorm on ideas to find success.


What NOT to expect:

•We are not a placement agency!

•We are not able to provide you with an exact list of employers, graduate programs, or jobs that are a "fit" for you.  Instead, we can provide you with the resources to help you develop your own strong list.

•We do not have a "test" that will tell you what to do with your career or tell you what path to take.  We have strategies and resources, including career assessments, for exploring the many options you have and the paths to take to reach your career goals.

•We do not provide academic advising.  Your academic advisor is a trained professional who can assist you with your course selection and other parameters about changing majors.

•We do not write your resume for you.  Instead, we provide you with a number of resources to build your marketing brand and Career Team members can review and provide content and formatting suggestions.