Fall 2014 Workshops

No Registration Necessary for Workshops
All Workshops are held in 278 MSC, Career Services

Please Note: The Workshops noted with an asterisk* are 30 minutes

Interviewing For Success
Tuesday September 23
Curious about how to answer interview questions like “Describe a weakness.” or “Why should we hire you?” Join us to learn interviewing techniques to achieve a successful interview. Bring interview questions you’d like help answering.

*Internships 101
Wednesday October 1
What exactly is an internship? How do you find one? This workshop provides an introduction to internships and explains the internship search process.

*Skype an Interview!
Thursday October 9
Congratulations you have been invited to interview for your dream job and it is a Skype interview!  Career Services wants to provide you with the tools to be successful!  Come to Skype Interviewing 101, to learn the steps to take for a successful Skype interview.

Resume Multiple Choice
Monday October 13 & Thursday November 6
Three 30 minute Sessions each scheduled day between 1:00pm-3:00pm
Resumes can be overwhelming and perplexing. When you say, “I need help with my resume,” what do you mean? Mix and match sections of this workshop based on your individual need and curiosity. Choose a single session, two sessions, or opt for all three.

Session 1: 30 minutes 1:00pm-1:30pm
*What Are Employers Expecting on a Resume? What Stands Out?
Overview: learn about what information employers prefer candidates include in a resume, the type of experiences to seek out to build a stronger resume, and why it matters to target your resume to a specific position.

Session 2: 30 minutes 1:45pm-2:15pm
*Nuts & Bolts/Mechanics of Resume Building
For the practical: we will discuss how to order and structure resume sections, formatting options, and editing tips.

Session 3: 30 minutes 2:30pm-3:00pm
*Telling Your Story
Individualize: dig into how to create strong descriptive statements in “resume speak” that go beyond duties to describe your accomplishments and transferrable skills.

LinkedIn & Beyond
Wednesday October 29
Have you heard of LinkedIn but aren’t sure what it is, why it exists, and how you can use it?  Join us for a discussion of the basics of this professional social networking tool.

*How Do You Keep the Momentum Going?
Overcoming Some Common Job Search Dilemmas
Tuesday November 11
Bring your suggestions about keeping your job search momentum going. We’ll talk through exploring careers and strategies of a job search.

Social Schmocial
Monday November 17
So you want to be authentic? And you want to be professional? Having a higher purpose would be nice, too, right? How can you combine those efforts when communicating with others about your values, goals, and ideas when talking to people can be so hard? In this workshop, explore ways to address social awkwardness, social calibration, and social justice in your career development.