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Practice Interviews

 Practice Interviews

Do you want to practice your interview skills before doing the real thing?

A practice interview is considered one of the best ways to prepare for an employment interview because it can help you reduce fears and gain confidence!

UMSL Career Services offers Interview Stream so you can record, play, and review your practice interview on your desktop, laptop, smartphone or IOS device.

Interview Stream is a web-based interview practice platform that allows you to choose from a large library of questions that are popular with recruiters and pertinent to your career choices.

How To Get Started:

  1. Go to the Interview Stream webpage to create an account and start practicing your interviewing skills from any web accessible computer with a webcam.
  2. To create an account with Interview Stream, under the Password box on the right hand side of the screen click Register and follow the prompts. Please use your valid UMSL email.

After Creating Your Account:

  1. Choose interview questions that best fit your job or internship search.
  2. Pick a predefined interview question set or create your own from a large library of questions.
  3. Instantly review your performance and ask others to evaluate your interview.

Technical Difficulties?  Please call support: 1-877-773-3164.
Hours: M-Thur: 7am-1am CT, Fri: 7am-5pm CT, Sat: Closed, Sun: 5pm-1am CT