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Steps for Dual Enrollment Registration:

  1. Complete the application form (link provided below)
  2. Print the form, obtain all the required signatures, and make sure to include the 5-digit class number on the form 
  3. Send the application and current high school transcripts to:
University of Missouri-St. Louis
304 J.C. Penney Building 
St. Louis, MO 63121

Students may only register for courses in which they meet the prerequisites. To determine which course you would like to take, see UMSL's Course Schedule as well as our Course Schedule Guide

For more information on course selection or determining which courses fit with your future major/minor, please contact John Perez at or 314-516-5407. Please make sure to reference the Dual Enrollment Program. Keep in mind, some courses (such as ENGL 1100 and Pol Sci 1100) have multiple sections that must be taken concurrently. If you are registering for a math course, you will need to take the ALEKS placement test and achieve a score that demonstrates that you are qualified for the selected course. These scores need to be mailed to the Dual Enrollment Program before you are registered for the course. 

Apply to the Dual Enrollment Program here, or click the image below. 

Apply for DEP

*Students who have a health condition or disability, which may require accommodations in order to participate effectively in any course, should contact the Disability Access Services Office (314-516-6654). Please visit the DAS website and complete all of the steps for registering with DAS prior to the start of classes, if possible.