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UMSL's philosophy department boasts faculty from universities such as Columbia University, Cornell, Harvard, Princeton, University of Pennsylvania, Berkeley, UCLA, Rutgers and the University of London. Some hail from the Midwest’s own University of Michigan and University of Chicago. Most of the professors in the philosophy degree program are teaching veterans and bring to UMSL a high quality of instruction and intellectual vigor. Together, the faculty has published over 20 books and 300 articles and serves on journalism boards and organizational committees.

The Master's in Philosophy program has been rated top-ten in the country by The Philosophical Gourmet, with the reviewer pointing out that such a high ranking MA program is likely to be superior to many PhD programs. This also guarantees that the undergraduate program is of the highest quality.

What UMSL has to offer

A Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy provides an excellent base for further careers and schooling. While few philosophy BA students go on to attain a professional degree in the discipline, several have pursued further endeavors such as business school and medical school. The degree provides excellent preparation for law school, in particular. The philosophy degree will also improve analytical and verbal skills that are important for any student.

UMSL’s philosophy program is complemented by Saint Louis University's philosophy department, particularly in the philosophy of religion and in the history of philosophy. The two schools partnered to allow several philosophy courses to be taken at the partner institution. This facilitates widespread dialogue and interaction between students from diverse backgrounds, propelling dynamic examination of moral and societal issues.

The Department of Philosophy offers the minor in philosophy, BA in philosophy (with the six following tracks: pre-law, science studies, psychology and neuroscience, ethics and society, health sciences and history), the 2+3 BA/MA in philosophy and the MA in philosophy.

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