Criminology and Criminal Justice at UMSL

Criminology and Criminal Justice Programs

  •  BS Criminology and Criminal Justice
  •  MA Criminology and Criminal Justice
  •  PhD Criminology and Criminal Justice

Career Opportunities

  •  Detective
  •  Juvenile Corrections
  •  Paralegal
  •  Police
  •  Probation Officer

There are a number of reasons to study criminology at the University of Missouri–St. Louis, including small criminology and criminal justice classes, a rich and relevant curriculum, internship opportunities, online course offerings and strong preparation for a variety of fields. The criminology and criminal justice degree program prepares graduates to work for local, state and federal agencies concerned with maintaining public safety through the prevention, apprehension and rehabilitation of offenders.

The most compelling reason to study criminal justice at UMSL is the quality of the faculty. In addition to being outstanding teachers, UMSL's faculty members are highly accomplished research scholars at the forefront of their fields. Students will learn the latest developments in criminology from the field's top scholars.

What UMSL has to offer

By integrating practice with theory, UMSL's faculty is able to present a comprehensive picture of crime and the justice system. The BS in criminology and criminal justice is also advantageous for careers with various social agencies, especially those connected with the juvenile court system, probation and parole and local police. Many students use the BS in criminology and criminal justice as preparation for law school. The BS in criminology and criminal justice also provides excellent preparation for graduate school in a variety of fields.

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