Biology at UMSL

Biology Programs

  •  BS Biology
  •  BA Biology
  •  MS Cell and Molecular Biology
  •  MS Evolution, Ecology and Systematics
  •  PhD Cell and Molecular Biology
  •  Certificate in Biochemistry
  •  Certificate in Biotechnology
  •  Certifacte in Conservation Biology
  •  Graduate Certificate in Biotechnology
  •  Graduate Certificate in Tropical Biology and Conservation

Career Opportunities

  •  Biotechnition
  •  Conservationist
  •  Dentist
  •  Forensic Anthropologist
  •  Researcher
  •  Physician
  •  Pharmacist
  •  Health Care Delivery
  •  Government Service

Simply stated, the faculty and students of the biology department study life. From the genetic machinery inside the tiniest cells that make up the human body, to the largest questions of where humans came from as a species, no life is too small and no inquiry is too big.

Molecules, plants, animals, ecology, conservation - whatever a student's interest, there are likely not only classes offered covering these areas, but professors researching in that specialization. If you have an interest in life on this planet – how life came to be, how it stays together – then the Department of Biology at the University of Missouri–St. Louis will give you the tools to explore those questions and many other fundamental to the world around us.

What UMSL has to offer

Students acquiring a Bachelor of Science in Biology are strongly encouraged to take two credit hours of undergraduate research. This privilege provides students the experience of undertaking a research project under the close tutelage of a faculty member or off-campus scientist. The addition of research to an undergraduate portfolio is advantageous to those seeking to further their studies in the field.

UMSL offers certificates in many areas of study in biology, fitting the needs of every aspiring scientist, doctor and researcher. The program includes optional undergraduate certificates in biotechnology, conservation biology, biochemistry and teacher certification. In addition, minors earned in biology or environmental science help bolster the student's intellectual repertoire.

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