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Economic Explorers Rendezvous
Sponsored by the Sunnen Foundation

This page provides information about
the 2008 Economic Explorers Rendezvous.

What is the Rendezvous?

The Rendezvous is a competition for teams of fourth- and fifth-grade students who have studied The Louisiana Expansion curriculum.  Each team consists of four students from the same grade level.  Teams participate in three events.  Each team member receives an Economic Explorers Rendezvous T-shirt.

What are the competition events?


A multiple-choice test on the economics and history taught in the eight lessons from The Louisiana Expansion curriculum unit is one part of the competition.  Teams take the test as a team one answer sheet per team.


Teams will participate in a production activity to produce as many of a specific product as possible in a given time period.  Teams are judged on the total number of high-quality products produced.

Problem Solving

The problem-solving event will involve teams in creating a product, designing an ad, and making an oral presentation to a panel of judges. 

T-shirt Design

Individual students also create a T-shirt design for following year's competition.

Date, Time, and Location

April 30, 2008

J. C. Penney Building on the University of Missouri-St. Louis campus

There is no fee for a team to participate.  Students and teachers should bring a sack lunch.  A beverage and cookie will be provided.

Students:  If you want to participate, talk with your teacher.  Your teacher can get more information by contacting Barb Flowers.

Teachers:  To register a team for the competition, contact Barb Flowers.

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