Students who are interested and eligible may apply for Dual Enrollment while still in high school with the permission of their high school principal and parent or guardian. Unlike the Advanced Credit Program where students are enrolled in college credit approved courses offered in the high schools, dual enrollment students will take courses on campus. The courses offered are only available on campus and will fit in with the student's schedule. Recommendation by a high school counselor and approval by both the principal and parents are required.

Department chairs and the course instructor will be notified of these special status students. In addition, students will be contacted sometime during the semester for an update on their University experience.



Students who are currently or have been affiliated with the Advanced Credit Program or the Engelmann Institute are eligible to receive scholarships for one-half the cost of tuition (up to six hours). These hours may also be available through the Pierre Laclede Honors College with permission of the Dean of the Honors College.


Students not eligible to receive a scholarship will be required to pay current fees.

For more information or to receive an application, please contact:

Sharon Clark
Associate Dean
College of Arts and Sciences
(314) 516-5501