Department Topic
Anthro & FL "Japanese Studies"
"Our Closest Living Relatives - the Nonhuman Primates"
"Tableware and Cultural Identity"
Biology "Religious and Scientific Support for Evolution"
"Animal Behavior"
"Social Behavior in Animals"
"Brown Recluse Spiders"
"Women in Science"
"Communication by Odors"
"Charles Turner"
"Global Water Resources and Climate Change"
"Why Johnnie and Joanie Can't Read or Do Science - The Naturalistic Education Theory"
"How Plants Get Their Names: Developments over the Last Decade"
"Advances in Seed Plant Phylogeny and Evolution"
Criminology & Criminal Justice "Understanding Delinquency from Official Records"
"Corrections and Sentencing Guidelines"
"Preparation for Graduate School"
"Understanding Your Risk for Violent Crime."
"Domestic Violence"
"Police Pursuits"
"Police Misconduct"
"Gender, Crime, and Victimization"
"Juvenile Justice"
"Car Jacking "
"Retaliatory Justice"
English "Bellerive"
"English major, writing, and resumes and business"
"Fiction Writing and the MFA Program"
"Creative Writing/WITS readings/ classes"
History "St. Louis Fur Trade"
"The Indians of Missouri"
"The Adams Family in Politics"
"Beyond Wilsonian Idealism versus Realpolitik: American Foreign Policy in Historical Perspective"
"What Do We Do When We Do History?"
Physics and Astronomy "Imaging the Brain"
"What is Biophysics?"
"The Automobile Engine of 2030"
"Hendrik Schon, the Greatest Physics Fraudster"
"Flying Birds and Collapsing Bridges"
"Monster in the Hollow - The Story of Missouri's Ozark Dinosaur"
"Splendor in the Grass - The Coevolution of Mammals and Grasses."
"The Invisible Universe"
"Small is a Really Big Place"
"Size-scale Awareness and YOUR Nanoworld"
"Strengthening Community with Layered Networks"
"Comets and the History of our Solar System"
"Organics Around Young Stars: The Keys to Life?"
"Nanoscience and Nanotechnology"
"Energy Storage in the 21st Century"
"The Hydrogen Economy"
"Starbirth and the Formation of the Solar System" or "Young Brown Dwarfs"
Philosophy "What is Happiness and How Can I Get Some?"
"Are We Cleverer than Homer Simpson? (economics and irrationality)"
"Famous Puzzles and Paradoxes of Logic"
"I could do that, my child could do that…" What is Art and What Should it Do For Us?"
"What's Wrong with Bad Art?"
"Why Do We Enjoy Art that Leaves Us Scared, Sad, or Totally Grossed Out?"
"The Puzzle of Free Will"
"Do the Past or the Future Exist?"
"What Makes Funny Things Funny?"
"What's So Bad About Death?"
"Is there one true morality?"
Political Science "Between (B)arack and A Hard Place: U.S. Foreign Policy Dilemmas and Challenge of Using 'Soft Power' in a Dangerous World"
Psychology "Balancing Career and Family"
"Which Degree to Pursue Towards Being a Counselor"
"Bridging the Scientist-Practitioner Gap"
"Use of Empirically Supported Psychotherapies"
"Trauma Recovery"
"Beyond Words: The Power of Nonverbal Communication"
"Stroke: Location, Location, Location"
"Negotiating Sexual Interactions: Wanting, Consenting, and Coercion"
"Stress and How to Manage It"
"Taking Care of Yourself While Taking Care of a Loved One with Alzheimer's Disease"
"Searching for Happiness: Psychological Research on Life Satisfaction"
"Why do we fight? Should we break up?"
"Are Teens the Victims of Raging Hormones?"
Social Work "Loss & Grief in Aging"
"Grieving in Dementia Caregivers"
"Alzheimer's Disease & Other Cognitive Disorders"
"Assessment of the Older Adult"
"Driving & Aging - Indicators of Safety & Red Flags"
"Driving Retirement & Alternative Transportation for Seniors"
"Life Review & Reminiscence in Aging"
"Gerontology as a Field of Study & Practice"
Women & Gender Studies "The American Girl and the New Virtual World"
Business "Law"
"International Business Topics"
"Having a Successful Work Life Regardless of Career Choice"
"General Education: What if I don't Know What I Want to Study"
"Why Business Majors Need to Know Math"
"Goal Setting and Financial Planning"
"The CPA Profession"
"How Do Professionals Value Stocks?"
"History of Aviation in American Life"
"Safely Using the Internet"
"Social Networking: Being Smart About Facebook Use"
"Information Systems Careers"
"Analytics and Business Intelligence"
"How to Lie (and how to be truthful) with Statistics"
Child Advocacy Center "Internet Safety"
"Impact of Child Abuse on Our Community: How You Can Help"
"Healthy Communication Strategies with Children"
"Protecting Children from Abuse"
"Positive Parenting Skills"
"Recognizing, Reporting & Responding to Child Abuse"
"Impact of Stress on Children"
"Children's Sexual Development"
"Teens : Developing Healthy Relationships"
"Talking to Your Kids About Sex"
"Traumatic Grief in Children and Adolescence"