Registration for Spring 2017 Courses is Closed

UMSL's Advanced Credit Program offers a variety of online courses to current Missouri high school students. These courses will be offered through the ACP and may be considered for dual credit, in which the student earns credit through their high school and simultaneously earns college credit through UMSL. In order to receive high school credit, the student must consult with and be approved by a guidance counselor in their Missouri high school.  Registration is on a first come first serve basis, and all course sections have limited enrollment.  Please note that courses may also be canceled if a minimum number of students is not reached. 

Online courses are not for everyone! Visit our "How to Succeed Online" page to see if online courses are right for you. To learn more about the benefits of learning online, visit our "Why Learn Online?" page. Students of high school age, not currently matriculated at any college, may sign up for a maximum of one course per semester. Students who have had success with dual credit online coursework usually have a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. If the student has a documented disability, UMSL's Disability Access Services can help them obtain the accommodations in order to be successful in their courses. 

Students who have a health condition or disability, which may require accommodations in order to participate effectively in any course, should contact the Disability Access Services Office (314-516-6654). Disability information is confidential. In order to notify UMSL of any accommodations that need to be made, please visit the DAS website and complete all of the steps for registering with DAS prior to the start of classes, if possible. 

Tuition and Billing

Tuition for a course taken through ACP Online is $64 per credit hour. It is important to note that the tuition for online courses does not include the cost of textbooks, which varies depending on the course.  

For Spring 2017, students will be mailed a bill around the 10th of January, with payment due, by February 1st. If a student is not paid in full by February 1st, they may be dropped from their ACP Online course.

You can also pay online with a credit card by using our Guest Payer service, which only requires your student ID and date of birth. There is also a 2.75% service fee or about $6 for a single 3 credit hour course. 


Following this link, you will find the books required for your ACP Online course.

In the link provided above, there are options for but other online retailers are available.

Please purchase textbooks as soon as possible to ensure on time delivery. New, used, or rental options are subject to change.   

Books come in a variety of options, from eTextbooks, to new and used hardcover and paperback versions. Throughout your college career, you may want to try several options to see which works best for you.

Please keep in mind that some courses may require multiple texts and/or a supplemental online program. 

Your SSO (Username), Password, and Student ID Number

When you register at UMSL, an email will be sent to you containing your SSO, a temporary password, and your Student ID. These are vital to being an UMSL or ACP Online student. Please read all emails sent to you from UMSL. 

The ACP, nor anyone else at UMSL has the ability to access your password. So, if you forgot your password or your SSO, please visit

If you are still having issues after resetting your password, please call UMSL's IT department at 314-516-6034. 

MyView and MyGateway

MyView and MyGateway are programs you will use on a regular basis as an UMSL student, so you need to be familiar with both. You can find them by going to UMSL's homepage at and clicking on "Current Students."

ACP Online Orientation 

Logging on to MyGateway before classes begin will allow you to work through the ACP Online Orientation, a free course for all ACP Online students. This course will help you learn the programs that all UMSL students use. Keep in mind that the free online orientation course is designed to help you, and may answer a lot of the questions you will have throughout the semester

Here's a breakdown for each program:

MyView is used for your student records. Here you have the option of paying your bills and dropping your courses. MyGateway is essential to success in your ACP Online course. This is where you will login to your courses and complete your homework.
  • Change your password
  • Login to your ACP Online course
  • Check your student finances and upcoming UMSL courses
  • Complete your homework assignments and tests
  • Request a transcript
  • Check grades and easily access your student email 

Student Email 

Every UMSL student is issued a student email address. This is how the university will communicate with you. Your email address is the SSO that was issued to you followed by You can log in to your UMSL email account through MyGateway. 

If you are having difficulty logging on to your student email account, call our IT department at 314-516-6034. 

Once you have successfully logged into your Office 365 UMSL email account, you can redirect all UMSL email to a personal email address by doing the following:

In Office 365:

1.Click the tools/setting icon in the upper right corner, between the bell and the question mark

2.From that dropdown, click "Options"

3.Options will appear on the left. Under “Mail” then “Accounts” click “Forwarding”

4.Make sure “Start Forwarding” is selected and type the email address to which you would like all UMSL emails to forward in the “Forward my email to:” box

5.Click “Save”