ACP Online Textbooks

Below is a list of the required materials for each ACP Online Course we are offering in Spring 2017.

Using the title of the book, or the link provided, you can find the materials you need online. We have given you options for but other online retailers are available.

We recommend buying books as soon as possible to ensure on time delivery and in some cases better prices. New, used, or rental options are subject to change.   

Books come in a variety of options, from eTextbooks, to new and used hardcover and paperback versions. Throughout your college career, you may want to try several options to see which works best for you.

*No reimbursement for textbooks will be provided by the Advanced Credit Program. However, once you finish a course, you may sell your books through many online retailers. 

Comm 1050: Intro to Mass Communication

Economics 1000: Introduction to the American Economy

Gender Studies 2102: Introduction to Gender Studies

Physics 1011: ACP Introductory Physics