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University Assembly and Faculty Senate Minutes September 9, 2008

University Faculty Senate
September 9, 2008


The meeting was called to order at 3:01 p.m. by chair, Matthew Keefer. Minutes from the April 29th meeting were approved as written.

Report from the Chair

The chair explained how he planned to focus and streamline the meetings this year.

  1. More extensive use will be made of standing committees.
  2. There will be a focus on key issues such as the potential move of KWMU to Grand Center (today).
  3. Guests: Mike Dunn, Interim General Manager, KWMU; Ken Kranzberg, Chm of the Board, Grand Center; Martin Leifeld, Vice Chancellor for Advancement; Robert Peterson, representative of KWMU employees
  4. The chair asked for help identifying important issues that need to be addressed this year.

Chancellor's Report

The Chancellor briefly discussed the Board of Curators' meeting at UMKC and described it as somewhat uneventful. Enrollments are up 2%, Freshman enrollment is up 25%, graduate enrollment professional school enrollment is up, Junior and Senior enrollments are down. Credit hours are down about 1% but are still coming up. The Chancellor's Report to the Campus will be held on September 24th.

A report on the status and future of KWMU was presented by the Chancellor. KWMU is an affiliate of NPR and is owned by the UM Board of Curators. The station is currently geared up for a national search for a new general manager. Mike Dunn, UMC, is currently serving as Interim General Manager. Currently a $12 million campaign is underway. Originally, it was planned for a new building to be built on the edge of the campus. Today, there is a proposal for a new building to be located at Grand Center, next to Channel 9. (see attachments for location and a rationale for the potential move.)

The Chancellor believes that there should be a stronger relationship between UMSL and KWMU. The job description for the new General Manager requires this strengthened relationship occur. A new dollar amount for the station (possibly less) could evolve. Discussion ensued about the pros and cons of the potential move to Grand Center. Gracemarie Ritter suggested that this location could facilitate partnerships with SLU. Martin Leifeld expressed the belief that SLU would become more involved with Grand Center in the future. Interaction with High School students might also result from the relocation.

Dr. Kathleen Brown expressed these concerns: a need for remote broadcasts on campus if the station is at Grand Center, a need for excellent signage to give UMSL a strong presence at Grand Center, and parking concerns.

Ken Kranzberg (Grand Center) explained that a new parking program is underway that could alleviate the parking concern. A parking garage would be available across from the proposed site. There could be a huge presence for UMSL since 1.5 million people visit Grand Center each year. A plaza would be available between Channel 9/KWMU and the Sheldon. Class space would be available in Grand Center. There are currently 28 arts organizations located in Grand Center. A new hotel may be built there as well. There are 5 high schools in the vicinity (2 of these schools are charter schools). A question was also asked about free parking. Currently there is free parking, but not immediately adjacent to the site.

Bernard Feldman indicated that he was opposed to such a move. He believes that keeping KWMU on the campus could help stabilize both the area and the campus and could also help change misperceptions about the safety of the campus.

Joe Martinich indicated that the Touhill helps draw students to campus and that locating KWMU at Grand Center could result in drawing people away from campus.

Jeanne Zarruchi suggested that locating internships at the Grand Center site would improve students' perception of more rigor and professionalism. (She cited the St. Louis Art Museum as a good example.)

Paul Speck suggested that maintaining a remote studio on the campus could help compromise the concerns.

Tom McPhail indicated that we currently have interns at Channels 2, 4, and 5 as well as interns in other cities. He suggested that it would be beneficial to have a dual use studio (students and KWMU) on campus.

Steffanie Rockette asked if there was an assurance of partnerships. Why would employees want to move? KWMU now has national visibility and a great deal of news content occurs downtown and in Illinois.

Other issues that were discussed were: 4 employees had concerns about moving and the proximity of Grand Center to their homes, a need for UMSL identity for the station was reiterated, and Metrolink is inconvenient to the Grand Center location.

Kathleen Brown voiced the opinion that the message needs to be sent that UMSL is expanding into the city in many ways.

Brian Goers (student) indicated that he felt there should be a strong message about UMSL at the top of every hour and that there is a need for more UMSL oriented announcements in addition to the top of the hour station identification.

Staff Association Report

Next week will be the first meeting. New programs are in place and a plan is underway to have more involvement with students and faculty.

Committee On Committees Report

Bernard Feldman announced that there is an opening on the ATP Committee. David Robertson was nominated and elected to fill the vacancy. An additional opening is available on the Steering Committee. Zulema Tang-Martinez was nominated and elected to replace Teresa Thiel.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:04 p.m.


The meeting was called to order at 4:10 p.m.

Report of the IFC (Paul Speck)

A retreat will be held next week and an agenda setting will occur. The new chair of IFC is Paul Speck. He expressed the hope that the group will be more pro-active this year, rather than reactive.

Joe Martinich indicated that this would be a change back to what IFC used to be and suggested that IFC representatives keep an eye on the pension fund.

Tim Farmer indicated that last year's IFC was not totally passive. Safety was a major issue and non-tenure track issues were dealt with as well.

Tom McPhail brought up potential conerns with Coventry Health Company and suggested that people with concerns send them directly to the VP for HR in Columbia. (Betsy Rodriguez is new and very responsive to campus issues.)

Summer Steering Committee Report (Tim Farmer)

Last year's steering committee acted on behalf of the Senate (as per the by laws) in order to get College of Nursing courses into the bulletin in time. They also dealth with a cooperative program that involves UMSL, UMC and UMKC. The program will undergo the regular process. There were also questions asked about the program goals and the satisfaction of the College of Nursing.


Rocky Kiel: The faculty teaching award due dates will be coming up soon. The TJ award application date is Jan 30 and the President's Teaching Award application date is in February. Previous winners of these awards are posted on the UMSL web site.

Tim Farmer: The Vice-President for Academic Affairs search is underway. Suggestions for candidate names should be given to Chancellor George.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:38 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Fred Willman, Secretary