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University Assembly and Faculty Senate Minutes April 29, 2008

University Assembly and Faculty Senate
April 29, 2008


The meeting was called to order at 3:03 pm by the Senate Assembly Chair, Dr. Farmer. Dr. Farmer announced that the By-Laws Referendum passed and was endorsed by 98% of those who voted. The Senate Banquet will be held tonight in the MSC.

Report from the Chair

Congratulations were offered to the new chair, Dr. Matthew Keefer and the new secretary, Dr. Fred Willman. The outcome of the elections for new Senate/Assembly members was reported as was the new newly elected slate of student representatives. Next year's Senate will meet on May 6th at 3:00 p.m. to hold an election.

Chancellor's Report

The equity adjustment passed in the amount of $2.44 million. An additional $350,000 is being added by President Forsee.

A proposal for the allocation of these funds is in process. HB 2023 was introduced by an Alumn. This bill is a $300,000 plan for an optometry/nursing complex.

Jay Nixon will be on campus to meet with students.

South Campus East Drive construction begins May 12-aug 17. During this time West Drive and other entrances will need to be used.

Work on the baseball field will begin this summer. The ball field will be upgradeable to a stadium. The hospital demolition has started with asbestos removal. The demolition will continue during the summer.

Joe Martinich asked if the revised calendar has gone to the board. The Chancellor offered to check this out.

Budget shortfall rumors A&S were mentioned. The Chancellor will make a related proposal to Budget and Planning next week.

Student Government Association President's Report

Big Brothers/Big Sisters event was a successful partnership. The budget committee will distribute $700,000 for next year. Committees are finishing their work. The MSC Advisory Committee is getting much student involvement. There was a large turnout for the student election (1000+ students.) Grace Marie Ritter was elected SGA President.

2007-2008 Agendas and Minutes

Metrolink passes will again be available for students.

Staff Association Report (Karen Pierre)

This years events were reported. All funds raised go to the John Perry Scholarship fund for dependents. Other items included staff classes, Trition Watch (safety), awards for staff, nominations for staff council positions. Stephanie Rockette is the new Staff Association President.

Administrator Evaluation Committee Report (Fred Willman)

Evaluation data for each of the Deans has been collected from both staff and faculty and will be disseminated through the steering committee to the Deans, The Provost and The Chancellor. The committee wishes to thank each evaluator for their participation.

Budget and Planning Committee Report (Terry Jones)

See attachment

Student Publication Committee Report (Michael Allison)

Melissa Hayden is the new editor in chief of the Current. The Current won the Best in State award. See last week's Current for additional awards. Judy Linville, Faculty Advisor is retiring and the committee is searching for a new advisor.

University Relations Ad Hoc Committee (Paul Speck)

In the future there will be a 2 hour presentation with a q & a session about the capital campaign and the various roles involved. Dr. Speck moved to reconsitute the committee. The motion was seconded by Dr. C Murphy. Discussion ensued about the merits of the committee. The motion was unanimously approved. Dr. Speck recommended that a permanent committee by established. This was posed as a charge to the new By Laws and Rules Committee.

2007-2008 Agendas and Minutes


The meeting was called to order at 3:49. The Minutes from the March 18th meeting were adopted with minor changes to be completed by Dr. Farmer.

IFC Report (Terry Thiel)

These issues have been under discussion by IFC: legal office, court cases, academic dishonesty, and academic disciplinary issues. The Columbia campus can fail students for dishonesty. There is a Blackboard assessment tool that can be used to help instructors find evidence of plagiarism. Other software is also available. Other items discussed were increase in student fees in the budget and an increase in enrollment across the system. A gloomy funding forecast for higher education was also discussed.

Assessment of Education Outcomes (Judy Cochran) (see p. 12 of agenda)

Five questions were presented for approval. Dr. Martinich moved (seconded by Dr. T. Jones) that a replacement question be substituted for Question #4. (4. The instructor provided timely and useful feedback on my academic performance during the semester.) The amended set of questions was approved.

The provost explained the posting process for the questions. An important issue remained unresolved: how will these questions interface with departmental evaluations? There will be a focus on the highest possible response rate. The results will be on line by instructor's name and perhaps also by course.

Curriculum and Instruction Committee (Michael Allison)

All program proposals were approved and course changes were reported (see agenda, p. 13).

Dr. Farmer closed the meeting by saying that "shared government is alive and well!".

Dr. Pope moved that "Tim be commended for outstanding performance as chair." His motion was seconded and unanimouslsy approved.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:38 pm.
Respectfully submitted.
Fred Willman