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Faculty Senate Minutes December 11, 2007

December 11, 2007
3 p.m. 126 J. C. Penney

The meeting was called to order at 3:02 p.m. Minutes from the previous Faculty Senate meeting (held October 16, 2007) were accepted as submitted.

Report from the Chairperson - Dr. Timothy Farmer

(see attached)

Attention was called to the change that precludes us from using only "Missouri" when referring to the St. Louis campus. That reference is reserved for the Columbia campus. It was pointed out that this is a usage change, rather than a name change. Rolla's name change goes into effect on January 1, 2008, and it is expected that Kansas City's alumni will petition for the right to reclaim its original name. Chancellor George pointed out that diplomas will continue to refer to the "University of Missouri" by location.

Report from the Chancellor - Chancellor Thomas George

The Chancellor noted that the vice chairmanship of the Board of Curators was passed to Curator Fraser, whom Chancellor George described as "level" and "even-handed." He suggested that we continue on record to oppose the exclusivity of "Missouri" for Columbia's name, but that we are careful, too, to do nothing to jeopardize our $2.6 million equity adjustment. It was commented that Columbia wishes to work the St. Louis region more than before. Chancellor George said he is disappointed but ready to move forward. We are and will continue to be the University of Missouri in St. Louis and for St. Louis.

A publication titled, "Academic Analytics," has ranked UMSL fifth nationally in the category of small research universities, and our IS department has ranked third.

Express Scripts is erecting a second building on the campus, and we will receive the rent money upfront.

The Chancellor reported that a huge sign identifying the campus will be placed atop the Mark Twain Building and that more signage is to come.

Dr. Bruce Wilking inquired about the status of the baseball field. Chancellor George informed senators that although the new Athletics Director would like to fund-raise now for a new stadium in the future, the Chancellor has received advice from the Athletics Committee that has prompted him to move forward immediately on building a barebones facility.

Report from the Intercampus Faculty Council - Dr. Richard Wright

(see attached)

Dr. Joseph Martinich remarked that the IFC had been an important entity in past years, and he was informed by Drs. Wright and Farmer that it is not what it was.

Report from the Academic Advisory Committee - Dr. Carole Murphy

Dr. Murphy reported that the Committee is reviewing the Five-Year Action Plan. Senators were encouraged to visit the Chancellor's website and pass their comments along to Dr. Murphy, who will see that they are routed to the appropriate committee.

Report from the Committee on Curriculum and Instruction - Dr. Michael Allison

All action items proposed in the agenda were approved. Courses labeled 2151 in Ancient Greek and Latin were both corrected to read 2152. But for those changes, all courses were accepted as reported by Dr. Allison. It was noted that changes to curricular forms made sign-offs clearer, that course forms, too, were changed, and that a draft of the 2009-2010 calendar is coming soon.

Dr. Joseph Martinich asked if the process requires us to vote on proposals to make previously-approved curricular actions inactive. The Chair commented that his comfort level is greater by having C&I look over such things, rather than effecting it by administrative fiat.

Dr. Paul Speck inquired if the new Dean of Engineering at Washington University is concerned about the joint arrangement with us. Associate Dean Bernard Feldman responded that all is well at present. Civil Engineering at Washington University has been terminated unilaterally, without consultation with us. They were concerned with accreditation down the road, he explained. The new Dean has mandated that classes at Washington University and UMSL not be joint. This could affect us in the future. Our students appreciate working with part-time faculty who are in a position to assist them in getting jobs. More classes are being held during the day here.

At the close of the meeting Dean Mark Burkholder commented that there was no mention of the System or Interim President Lamb. He was assured by both the Chancellor and the Chair that Dr. Lamb is actively participating in issues, and not simply a caretaker.

Completing the business at hand, the meeting of the Faculty Senate adjourned at 4 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Fred Willman
Faculty Senate Secretary
(minutes written by Ms. Joan M. Arban, Executive Assistant to the Faculty Senate Chairman)