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Minutes of the Joint Faculty Senate/University Assembly November 14, 2006

November 14, 2006
3:40 p.m.

Dr. Timothy Farmer, Chairman, called the meeting to order at 3:40 p.m.

Report from the UM System VP of Research and Economic Development
- Dr. John Gardner

Dr. Gardner reported that there is a 4th mission of the UM System-Economic Development. He described the mission and indicated that 67-68% of all basic research done at the University level utilizes corporate dollars. At UMSL 90-95% of research dollars are public rather than private. Accountability is being asked for-both at the state and national levels.

Items discussed were:

1. publication about our accomplishments (for the Legislature)
2. promotion of a culture of entrepreneurship
3. administrative processes-economic benefit decentralized
4. re-examination of how we use our assets

Minutes (out of order) were accepted as written.

By-Laws Committee - Dr. Matthew Keefer

Recommended change found on page 17 of the agenda was unanimously approved.

Curriculum and Instruction Committee- Dr. Ed Bennett for chair Dr. Mark Pope

All action items may be found beginning on page 18 of today's agenda.
Parts I and II of the report were approved. Courses listed in part III were reported.

Proposed Academic Calendar (Draft #2) for 2008-2009 was distributed for discussion
and feedback purposes only. Action on this calendar will take place at a later meeting.
Fall semester 2007 calendar is still not set. It must be resolved in December. A link to
System Guidelines will be posted on the Senate Web Page.

An election was held for the Committee on Administrator Evaluation. The following were elected:

Michael Bhrr, Educational Psychology
Fred Willman, Music and Education
Robert Harris, Psychology

The Senate was called into Executive Session to approve nominees for Honorary Degrees.

Curator's Meeting is next week. The Spelling Report will be a topic for discussion.
A new non-tenure track document is part of the Collected Rules and is now on the web

Respectfully Submitted,

Fred Willman
Secretary, 2006-2007 Assembly/Senate