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Minutes of the Faculty Senate September 19,2006

September 19, 2006
3 p.m. 78 J. C. Penney

Dr. Timothy Farmer, Chairman of the University Assembly and Faculty Senate for 2006-07, called the joint meeting of the University of Missouri-St. Louis University Assembly and Faculty Senate to order promptly at 3 p.m.

Minutes from the joint meeting of the two bodies on April 25, 2006, were accepted as submitted.

Report from the Chairman -- Dr. Farmer

Dr. Farmer introduced the committee chairpersons for 2006-07 standing and ad hoc committees and expressed thanks to each of them for their dedication to campus governance and their willingness to work hard during the coming year. (Chairpersons are listed on the Senate's website for the convenience of Assembly and Senate members.)

Next, he reported that the three bylaw amendment proposals that were endorsed previously by the University Assembly and/or Faculty Senate were accepted by voting members of the Faculty in a campus referendum. Election outcomes will be sent to the Chancellor for formal transmittal to the System. The amendment proposals will be added to the agenda for a forthcoming meeting of the Board of Curators, possibly as early as December.

Report from the Chancellor -- Dr. Thomas George

Chancellor George referred attendees to his website for an overview of campus events as presented in his recent "State of the University" address. He then introduced Associate Vice Provost Judith Walker de Felix, who reported briefly on the administrative review process under way in preparation for our reaccreditation effort. Chancellor George postponed a discussion of the role of campus governance in this effort until the Faculty Senate portion of the meeting.

Report from the President of the Student Government Association -- Mr. Nicholas Koechig

Mr. Koechig reported that the problem of an inadequate supply of newspapers left for evening students is being addressed. He also mentioned that the SGA is working with Chartwell's on a number of improvements, prompting Dr. Joseph Martinich to recommend that the catering company provide the campus with a full-time accessible manager. Mr. Koechig was pleased to report that the new manager will begin working here on September 25.

New Business -- Dr. Thomas McPhail

Dr. McPhail introduced the attached resolution concerning the allocation of space for academic purposes at the Performing Arts Center. He informed the Assembly that, just then, a class in Modern Dance had to be canceled because the space reserved for it was in the process of being set with tables and chairs for an off-campus function. Dr. James Fay, he reported, previously had been promised that the class would not be moved. Dr. McPhail's motion directed the University Assembly Committee on Physical Facilities, Space, and General Services to look into the issues and report its findings to the Assembly in November. The motion was seconded by student Assembly member Mr. Mark Bacon.

Dr. John Hylton, Dean of the College of Fine Arts and Communication, offered to share information with the Committee. He reported that academic-users of the facility meet every spring, and they are granted first choice of the space. After that meeting, the Touhill events are set, and then the remaining space is made available. He said that over 60 percent of the space is used for academic purposes. We have, he said, a plan to use space adjacent to the PAC in the General Services Building, and work on the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning unit in the GSB already has been done toward that end. Dean Hylton said he recommended using both the space at the PAC and at the GSB as we can.

Vice Chancellor for University Relations Dr. Dixie Kohn reported that he has been charged with the responsibility for bringing the PAC out of the red and into the black ink. He described the breakdown of space as 62 percent academic, 7 percent PAC, and 31 percent not-for-profit rentals. He conceded that Dr. McPhail is correct that there have been some cancellations.

Dr. Lloyd Richardson called the question, and it was approved.

The motion to send the issue to the Committee on Physical Facilities, Space, and General Services was then approved by the University Assembly.

The Assembly portion of the meeting adjourned and, following a short break, the Faculty Senate portion of the meeting was convened at 3:37 p.m.

The minutes from the Second Organizational Meeting of the Faculty Senate held May 2, 2006, were accepted with the correction that Dr. Donna Taliaferro's name be added to the newly-elected members of the Fall Panel of the Senate Committee on Research.

Report from the Chancellor -- Chancellor Thomas George

The Chancellor reintroduced the topic of adopting some sort of review of the processes used in campus governance. Unlike another institution he named, Chancellor George said we have shared governance here, and we have to prove it. There was, he explained, a good discussion of the topic at the September 11 meeting of the Steering Committee.

Dr. Martinich recalled that when he chaired the Senate a number of years ago, he attended a meeting of the chairs of other local higher education institutions. He outlined for them our governance arrangement and, he said, they were in awe of it. We do more than anyone else in this regard; why not just document it? -- suggested the Chair-Emeritus.

Associate Vice Provost de Felix had specific suggestions. Under Chair Speck's leadership, she noted, we looked at the proliferation of committees. We might address what Dr. de Felix described as a "convoluted process for curriculum review." What about aging faculty? How does one make the decision that he/she is no longer able to do his/her job? She pointed to UMC, which has a detailed statement of faculty rights and responsibilities. Dr. de Felix suggested further that we examine our committees' annual reports for the past five years.

Dr. McPhail agreed to consider these issues, but he wanted to look carefully at new committees that recently have been established. The new campus governance document brings much to this, it was noted.

Dr. de Felix commented that it takes time to reflect on these things. She suggested planning our effort in May, after the body has concluded its business for the year, but before faculty leave for the summer.

Report from the Intercampus Faculty Council -- Dr. Richard Wright

(see attached)

Elections -- Dr. Farmer for committee chairperson Dr. Paul Speck

Dr. Farmer noted that the Committee on Committees was unsuccessful in its attempt to persuade people to serve on committees. Blank ballots were distributed to all voting members. Following a lengthy silence during which no nominations came from the floor, it was decided to send the ballot back to the Committee with the request that it try again at a subsequent meeting to offer candidates.

Dr. Lloyd Richardson volunteered to serve on the Faculty Grievance Panel. Dr. E. Terrence Jones moved that we take Dr. Richardson up on his offer, and the motion was quickly seconded and approved by the Faculty Senate.

Report from the Committee on University Libraries -- Dr. Vicki Sauter

(see attached)

Completing the business at hand, the Faculty Senate adjourned at 4:02 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Fred Willman
Secretary, 2006-07 Assembly/Senate

(minutes written by Ms. Joan M. Arban,
Executive Assistant to the Assembly/Senate Chair)