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Joint Committees

Terms expire July 31 of year indicated.
(E)=elected, (A)=appointed, (O)=ex officio

Steering Committee

Glen Cope, Provost (O)
Thomas George, Chancellor, (O)
Erika Gibb, Physics & Astronomy, (E), 2015
Alice Hall, Communication, (E), 2015
Matthew Keefer, Educ. Psych., Res. & Eval., Sen. Secretary, (E), 2015
Keith Stine, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Senate/Assembly Chairman, (O) - Chair
Pamela Stuerke, Accounting, (E), 2015

Committee on Committees

Anne Fish, Nursing, (E), 2015
Christine Garhart, Optometry, (E), 2015
Alice Hall, Communication, (E), 2015 - Chair
Susan Kashubeck-West, Counseling & Family Therapy, (E), 2015
Robert Marquis, Biology, (E), 2015
Jennifer Siciliani, Psychological Sciences, (E), 2015
Lynn Staley, English, (E), 2015
Pamela Stuerke, Accounting, (E), 2015

Bylaws and Rules

Garrett Adams, Student, (E), 2015
Margaret Barton-Burke, Nursing, (E), 2015
Sanjiv Bhatia, Mathematics & Computer Science, (E), 2016 - Chair
Clinton Greene, Economics, (E), 2016
Matthew Keefer, Educ. Psych., Research & Eval., (E), 2016
David Serati, Student, (E), 2015
Benjamin Torbert, English, (E), 2015
Jeanne Zarucchi, Art & Art History, (E), 2015