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(to be considered for approval at February 19, 2002, Faculty Senate meeting)

January 22, 2002
3 p.m.
Century Room B

Millennium Student Center

The meeting was called to order at 3:05 p.m. by the Chairperson of the Faculty Senate, Dr. Lawrence Barton. 


Minutes from the previous meeting (held December 11, 2001) were approved as submitted.

Report from the Chairperson – Dr. Lawrence Barton

Faculty Senate members were welcomed by the Chair to the first meeting in 2002.

Chair Barton reported that since his initial election to the post, he has scheduled monthly meetings with both the Chancellor and the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.  Noting the concern with which some have greeted policy changes proposed by Academic Affairs, the Chair commented that Vice Chancellor Durham is responsive to suggestions.  Senators were urged to communicate their feelings to the Vice Chancellor. 

The Chair reported that he had to miss the most recent Board meeting due to a conflict on the campus.  He indicated that the Chancellor would report on activities by the Curators later in the Faculty Senate meeting, and reports on two Intercampus Faculty Council meetings would be presented by Dr. Lois Pierce. 

The Chair welcomed Dr. Matthew Keefer, who was elected to replace Dr. Marvin Berkowitz as the representative from Educational Psychology, Research, and Evaluation.  Dr. Berkowitz resigned because he had a regular conflict with his teaching schedule at the time of Senate meetings.  Unfortunately, Dr. Keefer was not present to receive his welcome.  The Chair remarked that since the Senate is much smaller than before the governance changes, and because each senator represents a specific constituency, attendance at Senate meetings is especially important.  He suggested that perhaps those who regularly miss meetings should step aside in favor of someone who will be present. 


The Chair reported that he has been providing information to a range of people concerning funding equity, or what soon-to-depart Vice President Cofer calls

“resource allocation.” 

The bylaws that we endorsed last year were approved by the Curators.  They were essentially housekeeping changes. 

The Chair promised to bring forward amendments to the tenure and promotion guidelines very soon.  There was a hearing on December 4, and amendment proposals were invited through December 15.  Not many people attended the hearing, but it was useful. 

The UMSL campus will host the Board of Curators’ meeting on March 21-22.  Typically, the Senate hosts a breakfast at that event.  Ideas were invited on how we might best present ourselves.  It has been suggested that all senators be invited, but it is unknown if our budget can stretch that far. 

In closing, the Chair regretted the untimely passing of Dean Everette Nance.  A testament to how well he was respected was the size of the crowd that attended the memorial mass at St. Ann’s Church.  Chair Barton reminded senators that a memorial service is planned for Wednesday, January 23, on the campus. 

Report from the Chancellor – Chancellor Blanche Touhill

The Chancellor reported that the Curators amended the University’s FY2002 budget to reflect an additional 2 percent state appropriation withholding.  This brings the total withholding of state appropriations for FY2002 to 10 percent – about $43 million.   The latest withholding translates to just over $1 million for our campus.  In general, the Chancellor said, we will meet this shortfall by leaving numerous faculty and staff positions open; reducing funds set aside for equipment replacement, supplies, and professional travel; and by deferring, for at least 6 months, all purchases in our desktop computer replacement program.  Chancellor Touhill commented that this has not been a good year for our budget, and all indications are that next fiscal year will be extremely difficult.  We will know more after January 23, when Governor Holden presents his budget recommendations to the state legislature. 

The Board has approved a metropolitan fee concept for UMSL and UMKC.  Beginning in fall 2002, the urban campuses will be allowed to charge a reduced fee to students living in specific counties out of state but in their metropolitan area.  Those Illinois counties are Jersey, Madison, Monroe, and St. Clair.  Curators will set the dollar amount at a later date. 


At the close of the first day of winter classes, headcount enrollment was up 1 percent over last year, and student credit hour production was up 6 percent

(108,206 credit hours).  Fall enrollment also looks promising.  Freshmen applications have increased 30 percent from last year, transfer applications 8 percent, and re-enrollment applications 12.4 percent. 

The Chancellor announced that remedial repair work is under way on garages N and D.  This type of work will continue until the garages are demolished in 18 to 24 months – about the time we plan to open a new garage along East Drive.  We will soon solicit design and build bids for the 935-space East Drive garage. 

Construction of the Performing Arts Center has passed the halfway point.  The structural shell is nearly complete, and all work will move indoors.

In closing, the Chancellor reminded senators that the campus would host a memorial service for Evening College Dean Everette Nance on January 23 at 5:30 p.m. in the Millennium Student Center.

Dr. E. Terrence Jones inquired why Clinton County was not included but the lower-populated Jersey County was included in the metropolitan fee.  The Chancellor said Kansas City has four counties in Kansas, and the thinking was that we should have four counties, too.  Dr. Paul Speck asked how many students are from Illinois.  Chancellor Touhill said she was told 225. 

Dr. Gail Ratcliff observed that the Chancellor had informed Budget and Planning that if the President stayed with his 4 percent salary raises for faculty and staff, there would be very serious cuts.  She asked if President Pacheco has come to a decision about this.  When the General Officers discussed this, the Chancellor said, President Pacheco remained mute.  The four chancellors ended up with educational fee increases of  between 7 and 9 percent.  All four chancellors said that they preferred no salary increase, except for four areas:  tenure and promotion, market concerns, staff reclassification, and someone on a research grant where the increase was built into that.  Ken Hutchinson spoke ardently about keeping up the 4 percent salary increases, but the chancellors were not in favor of this.  The Chancellor reported that Chair Barton shared the information that at an Intercampus Faculty Council meeting, President Pacheco said “perhaps.”   The Chair commented that President Pacheco really wants to give a salary increase, particularly since we had the $400 increases two years ago, and since he has pushed accountability and post-tenure review.  Chancellor Touhill said we are awaiting the Governor’s address on January 23 and the next General Officers’ meeting on February 7.  She said she will then convene Budget and Planning. 


Report from the Intercampus Faculty Council – Dr. Lois Pierce

(see attached)

Report from the Budget and Planning Committee – Chancellor Blanche Touhill

(see attached)

Report from the Committee on Bylaws and Rules – Dr. Timothy Farmer

All bylaw amendment proposals presented at the meeting (see agenda for detail) were approved as submitted.  A typographical error on the C&I Committee’s membership was noted by Dr. Gail Ratcliff and later corrected. 

Completing the business at hand, the Faculty Senate adjourned at 3:37 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Lois Pierce

Faculty Senate Secretary

(minutes written by Ms. Joan M. Arban,

Faculty Senate Assistant)