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September 2004 - University Assembly Minutes

University Assembly
September 14, 2004

The meeting was called to order by Chairman, Paul Speck. The chair's report may be found in Attachment A.

Chancellor's Report (See Attachment B)
Chancellor Tom George addressed shared governance and will expand on his comments tomorrow at his State of the University Address. He introduced new administrators and addressed needs in the area of enrollment.

Equity adjustment amounts to $3 million annually ($2.7 M actual). An additional $9 million is available for distribution to all 4 campuses. Scholarships and financial aid are high priorities. Strategic faculty hires and faculty improvement are other priorities.

Two new task forces have been formed:

Diversity (Malaika Horne, Chair)
Women (Barbara Harbach, Chair)

A consulting firm has been hired to examine where we are with Peoplesoft. Steps will be taken for sponsoring phases of Peoplesoft implementation. Various system administrators are assuming the leadership roles for this implmentation.

The replacement for Jerry Siegel's position (CIO) should be announced by next week.

Fall enrollments are slightly up. Projected enrollment is 15,650 (3,730 off campus, 11,920 on campus).

SGA President's Report
Scott Bopp clarified differences between Assembly (student senate) and SGA (Student Government Association)

Budget and Planning Report (Attachment C)
Terry Jones discussed the recommended allocation for $2.7 million of equity money received. Susan Fiegenaum asked about difference in figures that were distributed earlier. Dr. Krueger responded that $2,668,000 was the amount allocated to the campus after taxation.

Bill Long asked for clarification about scholarships. The Chancellor replied that $1,000,000 will be a combination of need based and merit scholarships.

Committee on Committees - Election
Both candidates on Ballot #1 (Budget and Planning Committee) were elected by acclamation: Susan Cahan (replacing Michael Murray) and Matthew Kiefer (replacing Pat Somers).

Old Business
There was a motion to create an ad hoc University Relations Advisory Committee (See Attachment D) Joe Martinich suggested that this election procedure seems different from past procedures. The following amendment was seconded and approved.
"Faculty and Student members shall be elected by the voting members of the Assembly."

Maria Curtis moved to amend the pending motion by striking "one from A&S or FA&C, and one from Education, Business, Nursing, or Optometry" from the proposal. The amendment was seconded and approved.

Dr. Farmer pointed out that students do not need to be members of the assembly Dr. Feldman proposed an additional charge to the committee: the committee shall provide evidence that the marketing campaign is productive. His proposal was moved and seconded. Discussion ensued and it was pointed out that item d in the proposal may be adequate to address this concern.

Susan Feigenbaum pointed out that this is an advisory committee only and that Budget and Planning may also give us another option. Eric Wiland encouraged the Assembly to trust the committee to carry this out.

Dr. Martinich raised the need for built in evaluation. Dixie responded that our contract does include provisions for assessment. The Brighton Company currently has our contract and the contract is up for renewal in October.

A vote on the amendment to add the additional charge failed by a count of hands. The proposal, as amended for selection of student members, passed by voice vote.

Committee on Committee Election - Ballot #2 (Ad Hoc University Relations Advisory Committee)
Gretchen Schisla's name was withdrawn from the ballot. The following nominations were added from the floor: Gayle Wilkinson, Education, Alan Heisel, Fin e Arts and Susan Feigenbaum, Social Sciences. There is no nominee for the Humanities. This vacancy will need to be addressed at the next meeting. The ballots will be counted at a later time.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:31 p.m.

Fred Willman,
Acting Secretary