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September 2004 - Faculty Senate Minutes

Minutes of the Faculty Senate


September 14, 2004

The Senate was called to order by Chairman Paul Speck at 4:40 p.m.

The first order of business was the election of a new Secretary due to the resignation of the previous Secretary. Senator Martinich nominated Senator Carol Peck, and Senator Feigenbaum seconded the nomination. Senator Peck was elected by acclamation.

Minutes of the previous meeting were not yet available due to illness.

The Chairman reminded the Senate of the Chancellor's address on September 15. He also thanked President Floyd for his support of the recent equity adjustment to the campus budget and announced that the Senate steering committee would meet with President Floyd to thank him and urge future support for funding necessary to the campus mission. The Chancellor had reported his decisions on the use of the new funds at the University Assembly. Information about the scholarship program will be available at the University Relations web site.

The Chair also announced that the report of the People Soft consultants is available. The executive summary of this report can be found at the UMKC faculty web site. The system has recently made two requests: a recommendation on incentive pay, on which the Chairman hopes to move quickly and an announcement of a new document on management of circumstances leading to conflicts of interest. Peter Wilden from Vice President Lehmkuhle's office will be on campus on October 1 to discuss these issues (from 1-2 p.m. on incentive pay and from 2-3 on conflicts of interest). The location will be announced.

A new civility statement will be posted on the faculty forum. Dean Walker de Felix has asked the steering committee how we wish to participate in the upcoming North Central accreditation process. A link to the document will be provided. This process is expected to last more than 3 years.

The Chair introduced the new Provost, Glen Cope. Provost Cope noted that a large list of items had been brought to her office since her arrival on campus. Her top priority will be retention of students. She will work closely with the Academic Advisory Committee. There are several pending issues. The first one is the status of the Evening College . The Academic Advisory Committee provided a short report recommending the abolition of the Evening College . An ad hoc committee has been formed to consider how to implement the functions of the Evening College if the Provost decides to accept the recommendation of the Academic Advisory Committee. The Senate has been asked to elect 5 full time faculty to serve on this ad hoc committee. The Chancellor and Provost will appoint 5 additional full time faculty. Two student members will also be selected, one by the Student Government Association and one by the Evening College . This committee will also review the functions of the advising center.

Second, the Provost raised the issue of summer operations. There is a report from the Chancellor's ad hoc committee on summer operations. That report will be reviewed and implementation of some of its recommendations should occur by the end of the semester.

Third, the Senate Committee on Curriculum and Instruction wishes to look at the course approval process and will be submitting recommendations. Fourth, Academic Advisory Committee will be involved in decisions about how we do continuing education. Fifth, there are changes in the reporting relationships of both Student Affairs and Research. Both now have Vice Chancellors who report to the Provost, and she invites comments on these functions. Sixth, Multicultural Relations will now report to Provost Cope. Multicultural Relations will remain in its current location with the same staff. Only the reporting relationship changes.

The Chancellor asked for questions, having earlier given a full report to the Assembly. Senator Harris asked about on line teaching and the Chancellor responded that he is interested in the issue but that no committee was currently responsible for it.

The Intercampus Faculty Council report is attachment A.

The report of the Budget and Planning committee is attachment B.

The Committee on Committees reported the need to hold an election of replacement of Senate Committee members. Because of the lateness of the hour and the absence of a number of Senators for their teaching duties, the Chairman declared that we would have electronic ballots for these replacements. There was no challenge to this ruling.

The report of the Chancellor's ad hoc committee on summer operations is attachment C.

The Senate adjourned at 5:38 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Carol K. Peck