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Minutes of the 1st Organizational Meeting 2005-06

April 5, 2005
3 p.m. 222 J. C. Penney

The first organizational meeting of the 2005-06 Faculty Senate and University Assembly was called to order at 3:02 p.m. by the 2004-05 Senate/Assembly Chairperson, Paul Speck. Because he had previously announced his candidacy for re-election, Chair Speck immediately turned the gavel over to the 2004-05 Faculty Senate/University Assembly Secretary, Carol Peck, who invited additional nominations from the floor for Chairperson. There were none. The Faculty Senate/University Assembly then elected by acclamation Dr. Paul Speck as Chairperson for 2005-06

Next, the floor was opened for nominations for Senate/Assembly Secretary in 2005-06. Dr. Joseph Martinich nominated Dr. Carol Peck to serve again. The nomination was seconded, and Dr. Peck, the sole nominee, was elected by acclamation.

Chair Speck then designated Dr. E. Terrence Jones as Parliamentarian for 2005-06.

Turning to the Committee on Committees, Chair Speck requested nominations for the eight positions. After being nominated, Dr. Van Reidhead withdrew his name. Nominees, who were subsequently elected by acclamation, included:

Members of the Committee on Committees were asked to remain for a brief meeting after adjournment.

Dr. Timothy Farmer moved to reconstitute the Ad Hoc University Relations Advisory Committee for another year with the same membership. Chancellor Thomas George inquired if the Committee would be advising the Development Office as well as University Relations. Dr. Stephen Moehrle, who served as chair of the Ad Hoc Committee last year, indicated that it was intended that the same group will advise both vice chancellors. Dr. Joseph Martinich moved to amend the Committee's title to be "Ad Hoc University Relations and Development Advisory Committee." This amendment was seconded and approved. The Committee (with its revised title) was reconstituted by the Senate/Assembly after hearing an update on activities from Dr. Moehrle.

Chair Speck announced that the second organizational meeting of the 2005-06 Faculty Senate/University Assembly will be held at 3 p.m. on Tuesday, May 3, in 222 J. C. Penney, for the purpose of filling committee vacancies.

Chair Speck reported that invitations soon will be mailed to members of the 2004-05 Faculty Senate and University Assembly for the Senate Banquet, to be held on April 26. UM President Elson Floyd and Vice President for Academic Affairs Stephen Lehmkuhle will attend.

Completing the business at hand, the first organizational meeting of the 2005-06 Faculty Senate and University Assembly adjourned at 2:28 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Peck, Secretary
Faculty Senate/University Assembly

(minutes written by Ms. Joan M. Arban,
Executive Assistant to the Faculty Senate/
University Assembly Chairperson)