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Minutes of Joint Meeting 4/26/05

April 26, 2005
3 p.m. 126 J. C. Penney

The University Assembly portion of the meeting was called to order at 3:02 p.m.


Minutes from the February 15, 2005, joint meeting of the University Assembly and Faculty Senate were approved as submitted.

Report from the Chairperson -- Dr. Paul Speck

Chair Speck commented that this has been a challenging year in challenging times and that most things in today's world fail either because of a lack of imagination or a lack of reserves. He thanked Senate and Assembly members for holding on to a dream.

Reports from the Chancellor and Student Government Association were deferred until later in the meeting.

Committee Reports

Report from the Committee on Bylaws and Rules -- Dr. Timothy Farmer

After calling the body's attention to a sequencing typo, and lacking any comments or questions, a recommendation to amend the bylaws to change the composition of the Committee on Recruitment, Admissions, Retention, and Student Financial Aid was endorsed by the Senate and Assembly.

Report from the Committee on Information Technology -- Dr. Valerian D'Souza

Augmenting his written report, which was appended to the meeting's agenda, Dr. D'Souza answered questions concerning port charges that may be levied against faculty at some future time. Everyone was invited to attend an open meeting on the subject the following day.

Report from the Budget and Planning Committee -- Dr. E. Terrence Jones

(see attached)

Report from the Chancellor -- Chancellor Thomas George

The Chancellor announced that Academic Affairs Vice President Stephen Lehmkuhle has been appointed Interim Chancellor of UM-Kansas City. A nationwide search for a permanent chancellor is under way.

Concerning Express Scripts, Chancellor George reported that our campus is on the short list of locations for the company's move.

Final decisions have yet to be made about our budget for the coming year. The Governor gave us a "0 percent" budget -- no cuts -- but Chancellor George pointed out that inevitably some things will go up. The Senate Appropriations Committee says there will be a 5 percent cut for higher education. The actual figure will be somewhere between 0 and 5 percent. We will know the outcome early in May.

In closing, the Chancellor thanked everyone for his/her hard work.

There followed a brief question-and-answer period.

Report from the Student Publications Committee -- Dr. Edward Bennett

Dr. Bennett reported that the new Editor-In-Chief of the Current is Edwin Sherman.
(Secretary's Note: Since the time of this meeting, circumstances have changed such that Mr. Sherman will not serve as the Current's Editor.)

Report from the Committee on Physical Facilities, Space, and General Services -- Dr. Julius Johnson

(see written report appended to agenda)

In response to a question from Dr. Peter Stevens, Dr. Johnson reported that a fund-raising effort will be launched to pay for the Wayne Goode statue.

Concerning the student services issue, Vice Chancellor Schuster explained that the campus police are the first responders when students exhibit behavioral problems. Police will work in conjunction with Counseling Services. Immediately after the police are called, Student Affairs is contacted. Students with behavioral problems are transported to DePaul Hospital and, after 72 hours, they are released to the residence hall. Provost Cope confirmed Chair Speck's expectation that the number of incidents will increase as we move closer to a residential campus.

Regarding the proposed renovation of Benton and Stadler halls, the Chair said he drafted a letter last week asking President Floyd to keep us in mind if last-minute opportunities occur.

Report from the Student Government Association -- Mr. Scott Bopp

Mr. Bopp introduced the new President, Vice President, and Comptroller of SGA and noted with satisfaction that their election marked the largest turn-out of voter participation in SGA history. Several former student Assembly members will be returning this year.

Several possible candidates to the student seat on the Board of Curators have been identified.

Chair Speck announced that the University Assembly portion of the meeting had concluded and, following a five-minute break, the Faculty Senate portion of the meeting would convene.

Immediately after convening, the Faculty Senate approved the minutes of its March 15, 2005, meeting as submitted. The Chair reminded those present of the reception and banquet, which were scheduled for later in the day.

Additional Comments from the Chancellor and Provost

Dr. Susan Feigenbaum asked about the Chancellor's level of optimism, now that the honeymoon is over. Chancellor George enthused over the new era within the UM-System, a time when the President and all the chancellors are working closely together. We have, he said, an excellent Provost, and we continue to grow in our programs in a selective way. He pointed out that we have a very supportive caucus in St. Louis and an active Chancellor's Council. The Chancellor agreed with Dr. Lawrence Barton that perhaps the greatest challenge we face involves enrollment trends and pricing.

Report from the Committee on Curriculum and Instruction -- Dr. Fred Willman

All proposals were approved as submitted. Regarding the Minor in Transportation Studies, Dr. Gerteis said he would consult with his faculty concerning Dr. Joseph Martinich's suggestion that some courses be crosslisted with History.

Report from the Intercampus Faculty Council -- Dr. R. Rocco Cottone

(see written report attached)

In closing, the Chair thanked Ms. Marcia Blackburn for her hard work to update the Senate's website and implement a new tracking system for C&I proposals.

Completing the business at hand, the meeting adjourned at 4:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Peck, Secretary
Faculty Senate/University Assembly

(minutes written by
Ms. Joan M. Arban,
Executive Assistant to the
Faculty Senate/University Assembly Chairperson)