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January 2006 - Faculty Senate Minutes

January 24, 2006
3 p.m. 222 J. C. Penney

The meeting was called to order promptly at 3 p.m. by Dr. Lawrence Barton, who was designated to preside in Chair Speck's absence.

Minutes from the meeting held December 6, 2005, were approved as submitted.

Status of Student Representative to Board of Curators

Dr. Barton noted that Dr. William Long had put information on the Faculty Forum concerning the status of Ms. Maria Curtis, the student representative to the UM Board of Curators from the St. Louis campus. Ms. Curtis was recognized. She explained that her appointment as a continuing student representative to the Board was in some question. When appointed to the Board in July, 2005, she was told her term would expire on December 31, 2005. Per Missouri statute and customary practice, however, the student serving in this capacity serves a two-year term. The campuses take their respective turns at having the student appointment made from their campus, and this is UMSL's turn. Ms. Curtis contacted the Governor's person in charge of appointments at the end of December to remind him that action was needed to extend her term, and she was thanked for her past service and informed that someone from Columbia would be appointed in 2006. Until another appointment is made, Ms. Curtis will continue to serve on the UM Board of Curators.

Dr. Mark Pope referred to the situation as "outrageous" and suggested that a resolution be adopted regarding the unfairness of this situation. Rising to the occasion, Dr. Thomas McPhail offered the following:

WHEREAS the student representative to the Board of Curators has a tenure
stated in the Missouri Revised Statute Section 172.035 that "shall be for two
years…"; and

WHEREAS the St. Louis campus expects its student representative to serve
her/his full term, in part because the appointment rotates and it will be six
years (2012) until the campus has an opportunity to select another UMSL
student to serve as representative to the Board of Curators.; and

WHEREAS UMSL student representative Maria Curtis, having been
duly appointed, has only served for five months;

Senate supports the continued appointment of Maria Curtis for the full
two-year term, as required by statute.

This Resolution passed unanimously.

Other remedies are being sought by student groups, including the UMSL Student Government Association, the Intercampus Student Council, and the Associated Students of the University of Missouri.

Chancellor's Report -- Chancellor Thomas George

The Chancellor began by remarking that he has seen Ms. Curtis in action and that "she has been doing a wonderful job."

Turning to the Governor's recent State of the State address, Chancellor George reported that the message was very upbeat and positive, and the news for higher education (i.e., that the Governor was recommending a 2 percent increase) was favorable. The Chancellor anticipates that the legislature will hold to the Governor's figure, with the result that tuition will rise and there will have to be some reallocations. President Floyd will likely recommend a tuition increase of 5 or 6 percent, the Chancellor predicted.

Vice Chancellor James Krueger presented figures (see attachment) showing the impact on tuition of several salary increase scenarios. Dr. E. Terrence Jones pointed out that scholarship funds end up in the revenue column, and Chancellor George agreed with Dr. Jones. Dr. Harold Harris asked about extra costs associated with opening a dormitory, and he was told that "it has to fund its own cost." No new buildings are planned for the academic core; thus, no extra costs are covered. Regarding our current tuition, it was confirmed for Dr. William Long by Provost Glen Cope that we are higher than Harris-Stowe and the community colleges but lower than Washington University, Saint Louis University, and others.

Chancellor George reported that the 10 percent reduction in administrative costs is still on the table. He is working with the vice chancellors, provost, and deans on it now; he expects to have something for Budget and Planning to look at in mid-February. We have to inform President Floyd of what steps we propose by April.

The Chancellor noted the Governor's interest in selling the Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority (MOHELA) to fund new construction. This would allow us to move ahead with the renovation of Benton and Stadler halls, the System's first priority.
Director of Student Financial Aid Tony Georges expressed concern about the impact this sale would have on the financial health of our students.

It was reported that the new governing board of Metrolink wants to raise student fees. One possibility discussed was to charge a lesser fee for full-time students but to charge a higher fee for part-time students.

Winter enrollment is up by about two percent after five days of class. Dr. Lawrence Barton inquired what percentage the budget was based on, and the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor Krueger promised to return with an answer.

Provost Cope introduced Dr. Tom Walker, the new Dean of Continuing Education-Extension, and he was welcomed with applause.

It was reported that a question was raised in the Steering Committee about post-tenure review: Are we the only campus actively engaged in doing this? The answer is that everyone must do post-tenure review. We are right on track. Most of the responsibility here is placed on the department, deans, and faculty colleagues. Very often, it was observed, one campus takes the lead on a project, and the other campuses try to catch up. If the others are not coming along, they may have to follow our lead on this.

Provost Cope reported in some detail on our arrangement with Vashon High School, it was reported that Chartwell's is serving Starbuck's Coffee exclusively, and the Intercampus Faculty Council report was delayed until Chair Speck's return. There was a brief informational report about the number of cases by category considered this year by Appointments, Tenure, and Promotion, and Dr. Willman reported on course actions taken by the Curriculum and Instruction Committee. The new program proposal that was erroneously included with the Committee's report has already been approved, he said.

Completing the business at hand, the Senate adjourned at 3:50 p.m. with applause for the brevity of Dr. Barton.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Peck
Faculty Senate Secretary

(minutes written by
Ms. Joan M. Arban, Executive Assistant
to the Senate/Assembly Chairperson)