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Faculty Senate Agenda for 10/12/04

October 12, 2004 
3:00 p.m.    126 J.C. Penney 

I. Call to order – Chairman Paul Speck

II. Approval of the minutes from previous meetings (action items – see attached)

A. September 14, 2004 (Faculty Senate minutes)

B. April 27, 2004

                   i.      Joint Faculty Senate/University Assembly

                   ii.      2nd Joint Organizational Meeting

III. Report from the Chair – Dr. Paul Speck

IV. Report from the Chancellor – Provost Glen Cope for Chancellor Tom George

V. Report from Committee on Committees (action item – see attached) – Dr. Michael Harris

VI. Report from the IFC representative – Dr. Van Reidhead

VII. Committee report – Curriculum & Instruction – Dr. Fred Willman

VII. Other business – Report on Wellness Center and Space Allocation  (see attached)- Vice Chancellor Reinhard Schuster and Dr. Julius Johnson, Chair of Physical Facilities,      Space, and General Services Committee

VIII. Adjourn