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SGA Report to the University Assembly 11/9/04

SGA Report
University Assembly

Wellness Center: For nearly A year SGA has been working with B&D (Same consultants as the Millennium Center) to consider the possibility of building a Wellness Center. Funding for the center would be mainly comprised by student fees. Currently a referendum committee is in the middle of a neutral information campaign that will help to inform students of the decision that they will be making. The referendum committee and the SGA executive committee are hoping that this decision will take place by the second week in February. More specific information can be found on the University Assembly website.

Student Faculty Selection: Currently ISC (Inter-Campus Student Council) is working on student participation in faculty selection. For the past two year the ISC has been discussing and working towards the creation of a best practices document for the student participation in faculty selection (i.e. new hires). In the past two semesters SGA has been in contact with the UM system discussing a document that would be presented at system level and at each university. This document can be found on the University Assembly website.

Student Fees: For the 2006 budget the Student Government Association Assembly is reviewing fees. There are only two areas asking for a fee increase. Infrastructure is proposing an increase from $2.50 to $2.75 per credit hour and health services is proposing an increase from $2.90 to $3.00 per credit hour.

Student Government Elections: Currently the operations and rules committee is working to fix problems within the current elections rules. The committee hopes to have the proposed changes presented to the assembly by November 12th and discuss the changes December 3rd.