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Administrator Evaluation Report to the Assembly



NOVEMBER 8, 2005

The Administrator Evaluation Committee has met twice this academic year. We are working toward the goal of providing a meaningful assessment of campus administrators. We have received system wide performance assessment instruments from Provost Cope and are meeting with her next week to review the implementation process throughout the four campus system.. We will be working to connect our campus
administrator evaluation plan to the existing instruments so that the input will go to whomever is being evaluated, along with any other evaluative information that individual receives from any other the assessment instrument.

This plan will be more effective, we believe, than creating a secondary system that would be seen as an "add on" with no mechanism in place to assure that the results are seen and considered by the administrator receiving the information. Rather than creating yet another assessment form, we wish to "hook into" the existing system.

The committee is committed to achieving its goal of putting an on line administrator evaluation plan that provides useful information from those who are most familiar with the specific administrator's work in place by the end of the 2005-2006 academic year.