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Faculty Senate

March 19, 2002
3 p.m.
Century Room A
Millennium Student Center


  1. Call to order - Dr. Lawrence Barton
  2. Approval of minutes (action item, see attached)
  3. Report by the Chairperson - Dr. Lawrence Barton
  4. Report by the Chancellor - Chancellor Blanche Touhill
  5. Report from the Intercampus Faculty Council - Dr. Lois Pierce
  6. Committee reports:
    1. Budget and Planning - Chancellor Blanche Touhill
    2. Research - Dr. Patricia Jamerson
  7. Other business


  1. Presentation of candidates proposed to receive honorary degrees - Dr. Dixie Kohn
  2. Adjourn

NOTE: The new (2002-2003) Senate will meet at 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday,

March 19, in Century Room A of the Millennium Student Center to elect a Chairperson, Secretary, and the Committee on Committees. This meeting must begin on time, so please be prompt. Please check the Senate website for the 2002-2003 Senate roster if you are uncertain as to whether you should attend this meeting.