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Request for Media Studies as a New Curricular Designation

College of Fine Arts and Communication
Office of the Dean
One University Boulevard
St. Louis. Missouri 63121-4400
Telephone: 314-516-4570
Facsimile: 314-516-4577

October 1, 2004

Dr. Glen Cope, Provost
Academic Affairs
Woods Hall CAMPUS

Dear Provost Cope:

As you know, we have recently formed the department of Theatre, Dance, and Media Studies. We have a curricular designation for Theatre and Dance but need a curricular designation created for Media Studies.

I am requesting the creation of a curricular designation be made for Media Studies by the Registrar so that those courses can be removed from the Communication Department and located in the new unit.

Please contact me if you have questions or concerns. Thanks for your consideration of this request.


John Hylton


Michael Beatty, Chair, Communication
Sharon Clark, Associate Dean
James Fay, Chair, Theatre, Dance, and Media Studies