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C&I Program Proposals - April 2014

The following program proposals were approved at the April 22, 2014 Faculty Senate meeting:

C&I Committee Report

Addition of the Policy on Academic Renewal

Change in Policy on Undergraduate Grade Modification

Change in Policy on Math Proficiency Options

Addition of Policy on Math and English Proficiency

Change in Policy on Declaring a Major

Change in Policy on Credit for Military Educational Experiences

Deletion of Policy on ROTC Courses

Change in the M.S. in Biology

Change in Professional Science in Cellular & Molecular Biology Emphasis in M.S. in Biology

Change in M.S. in Biochemistry and Biotechnology

Change in Undergraduate Requirements in Chemistry

Change in M.S. in Chemistry

Addition of Professional Science Emphasis in M.S. in Chemistry

Change in B.A. in Economics

Change in B.S. in Economics

Addition of B.A./B.S. and M.A. Dual Degree Program in Mathematics

B.S. and M.S. Dual Degree Program in Computer Science

Change in Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology

Addition of Minor in Child Advocacy Studies

Addition of Minor in Military History and Logistics

Change in Certificate in Neuroscience

Change in Ph.D in Business Administration

Change in Masters of Accounting

Addition of Graduate Certificate in Digital and Social Media Marketing

Change in Bachelor of Educational Studies

Change in M.Ed. in Elementary Education

Change in M.Ed. in Secondary Education

Change in M.Ed. in Special Education

Change in Graduate Certificate in Autism Studies

Change in B.F.A. in Studio Art

Change in Art Education Emphasis in B.F.A. in Studio Art

Change in B.M. in Music Education

Change in Masters in Music Education

Change in Doctor of Optometry