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Curriculum & Instruction Processing Procedure

If you have any questions or comments regarding information provided on this page, please contact Loy Harvey at 314-516-6769 or email

The course change form should be completed and sent to the following:

  1. Department/Unit Chair
  2. College/School Dean
  3. (If required) Sign-off person for cross-listed courses
    a. Sign-off person forwards form back to the Dean
  4. Academic Affairs (Barb Trauterman)

When submitting an electronic form, the SUBJECT title of your email should be the new number of the proposal and (if appropriate) the number of the cross referenced course(s). This will generate a paper trail and expedite the approval process.

- After you have reviewed the form, please type in your name followed by your extension number. Don't forget to include the date.

Sign-off person - Type your department name, your title, name, and extension number. Forward the form back to the dean.