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Senate Committee on Curriculum and Instruction Report: October 14, 2008 Undergraduate and Graduate Courses

Course Title Action
GERON 1160 Aging in America Drop
GERON 1190 Clinical Experience in Physical Gerontology Drop
COMM 1050 Introduction to Mass Communication Title
COMM 3352 Mass Media in Society Title
MEDIA ST 1050 Introduction to Media Studies Description
MEDIA ST 2235 Media Theory number / prerequisite
THRY COM 1300 Theory of Music Description
THRY COM 1311 Theory of Music Prerequisite
GERON 4380 Psychology of Death, Dying, and End-of-Life Concerns Drop
GERON 5392 Internship in Physical Gerontology Drop
ACCTNG 5491 Seminar in Contemporary Issues in Accountancy Title / Prerequisite / Description
INFSYS 5890 Internship in Information Systems Number / Title / Hours / Description
MKTG 5790 Internship in Marketing Add
TCH ED 6442 Outdoor Education Leadership Add
M H & L 4260 Music from 1900 to the Present Title
NURSE 7490 Advanced Nursing Research Designs and Method Description
OPTOM 8180 Clinical Optometry I Decription / Hours
OPTOM 8400 Directed Readings Prerequisite / Description / Hours
OPTOM 8410 Directed Research Prerequisite / Description / Hours