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Senate Committee on Curriculum and Instruction Report: March 17, 2009 Undergraduate and Graduate Courses

Course Title Action
ASTRON 4322 Observational Astronomy Change: prerequisites, description
BUS AD 2900 Legal Environment of Business Change: prerequisites, Add to Gen Ed
BUS AD 3901 Business Law: Negotiable Instruments, Business Organizations, Property Change: prerequisites
BUS AD 3980 The Law of International Business Transactions Change: prerequisites
BUS AD 3990 Internship in Business Law Change: prerequisites, description
ESL 3201 ESL Listening and Speaking Skills Change: prerequisites
ESL 3203 Intermediate ESL Reading and Writing Change: prerequisites
ESL 3205 Intermediate ESL Grammar Change: prerequisites
FINANCE 1590 Personal Finance Add to Gen Ed
GERMAN 3201 Introduction to German Literature Change: title
GERMAN 3211 Topics in German Culture Add
GERMAN 3280 German Literature and Culture I: Beginnings-Englightenment Add
GERMAN 3281 German Literature and CultureII: Romatnicism-Present Add
JAPAN 4390 Special Readings Add
MKTG 3787 Marketing in the European Union Add
FGN LANG 5399 Standards-Based Foreign Language Instruction Change: number, description
HIST 6123 Thesis Seminar Change: hours
OPTOM 8730 Optometric Center Patient Care Change: hours, description
OPTOM 8740 Optometric Center Eye Health Management Patient Care Drop
OPTOM 8750 East St. Louis Center Patient Care Change: hours, description
OPTOM 8860 East St. Louis Eye Health Management Patient Care Drop
PHYSICS 5357 Subatomic Physics Change: number
PHYSICS 6300 Master's Thesis Add
PSYCH 7433 Clerkship in Clinical Psychology Add
PSYCH 7434 Seminar: Introduction to Clinical Interventions Change: title, description
PSYCH 7450 Clinical Internship I Change: description
PSYCH 7451 Clinical Internship II Change: description
PSYCH 7477 Clinical Interventions with Children and Families Change: title, description