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Degree Requirements -M.S. Degree in Cybersecurity, Computer Science Emphasis

Degree Requirements - M.S. Degree in Cybersecurity - Computer Science Emphasis 

Candidates for the M.S. in Cybersecurity with Computer Science emphasis must complete 30 credit-hours of graduate coursework, subject to the Graduate School regulations. Of these, at least 18 hours must be numbered 5000 or above. All courses numbered below 5000 must be completed with grades of at least B-. Outside computer science and information systems, up to 6 hours of related course work is allowed upon permission of the Graduate Director.

CMP SCI 4730 Computer Networks and Communications 3
CMP SCI 4760 Operating Systems 3
INFSYS 6828 Principles of Information Security 3
CMP SCI 5732 Cryptography for Computer Security 3
CMP SCI 5782 Advanced Information Security 3
CMP SCI 5888 Cybersecurity Capstone 1 3
Electives (Choose four courses. At least two must be from Computer Science) 12
Computer Forensics
Cloud Computing
Security of IoT Systems
Advanced Cybersecurity Concepts
Software Assurance
Management of Information Security
Other electives upon approval of Computer Science department chair
Total Hours 30