Senior Research Engineering Technician: Bruce A. Burkeen


Senior Research Engineering Technician: Bruce A. Burkeen

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The University of Missouri-St. Louis’ Machine Shop is located in the basement of the Research Wing (R009). It has a lot to offer in the planning, designing, engineering and fabrication, of first article parts, prototype parts, mockups, lab experiments, and the fabrication of unique, one of kind parts and assemblies.  It can also provide vacuum pump and electrical diagnosis of problems with lab apparatus along with repair.  Woodworking services are also available from the wood shop located in the research wing (R108).    The shop has provided in house one on one training to faculty, students, and graduate students to create and read blueprints as a way of conveying their thoughts onto a 2 dimensional surface.  This aids in the process that leads to the successful fabrication of lab experiments, new concept laser component parts, new prototyped inventions and new product concepts.  The shops main goal is to provide Research and Development Support for a wide variety of Professors, students, and graduate students in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Nanoscience, Biology and Psychology.  The Machine Shop can offer a wide variety of different fabrication and machining processes along with 2 axis CNC Mill Work and Conventional Lathe parts machined from all forms of Raw Materials: Steel, Plastic, and Wood.  You dream it and I make it happen!

Machine Shop Research Wing R009

Shop Area: 32’ x 55’ 1760 Sq. Ft.

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