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Chemistry Placement

Students who are enrolled at UMSL may access the Chemistry Placement Exam on Canvas by clicking on the link below;

Introductory Chemistry 1 (Chem. 1111 at UMSL) is the gateway course to all STEM disciplines that are offered nationally, however there is a failure rate of 35% nation-wide.  Since this course has a national standard, we cannot lower the standards of our evaluation of your performance in this course.  Thus we have provided radical innovations in the process for completion of the course. We now offer two pathways for completing Introductory Chemistry 1 at UMSL as described in this document.

 It is important to make an informed decision when you choose the path that is appropriate for you.  In order to help you with this decision, we have instituted a Chemistry Placement Assignment based on ALEKS.  As soon as you begin this assignment, ALEKS gives you an ″initial assessment″ to determine your current state of chemistry knowledge. It is important to be honest when you answer these questions because obtaining outside help to answer these questions or indicating that you do not know the answer when you possibly do know it can cause endless problems later on in the course for you. Once you have completed the assignment, you may then work further on the assignment. In order to obtain some meaningful data on which to base your decision, you must complete minimum of 50% of the assignment. Then, you need to examine the amount of time it has taken you to complete 50% of the assignment.

  1. If you completed 50% or more of the assignment in the ″initial assessment″, the traditional 5 credit hour in one semester is the best path for you.

  2. If it has taken you between 2 and 3 hours to complete 50% this assignment, you may still enroll in the traditional Chem. 1111 but be prepared to put in a lot of effort to succeed. The modular pathway will offer you a substantially more relaxed path to success.

  3. If it takes you more than 3 hours to complete 50% of this assignment, the two semester modular pathway is the best route to success for you.